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Announcement   Laser upgrade for Amiga mice.
  Announcement posted by Rob on 4-Feb-2017 0:39:20 (839 reads)
Amiga Store EU are advertising a replacement PCB for Amiga mice that upgrades them to laser mice.


There will be boards for both the tank style mouse and the later A1200 mouse. It's a drop in replacement for the standard PCB with no soldering required. It also has a lens cover that goes in place of the original plate used for retaining the ball.

The sensor used is the same found in high end devices and offers a resolution of 8500dpi.

Availability is expected on the 22nd of March.

No price is currently mentioned.

News   Amiga Future monthly News January 2017
  News posted by AndreasM on 31-Jan-2017 14:52:40 (286 reads)
Amiga Future issue 124 released

The English and German issue 124 (Januar/Februar 2017) of the print magazine Amiga Future has been distributed today, and can also be ordered directly from the editorial office of Amiga Future, and the other Amiga dealers that stock the magazine.

Mag Content:

Workshop WHDLoad Maschine Part 1
Demoscene News
Matze's 030er Turboboard

and so much more ... if you haven't already, get your collectable copy ordered today

A more detailed description of the contents and previews of this issue can be found at the Amiga Future magazine hompepage.


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software OS4   VPDF for AOS4 is out!
  software OS4 posted by kas1e on 30-Jan-2017 20:15:40 (727 reads)
VPDF is MUI based PDF viewer from MorphOS writen by Kiero.

grab it from os4depot while it hot! (upload query currently)

VPDF based on popular opensource libraries such as Poppler, XPDF and Freetype and provide better rendering of pages than APDF. It also has multitabs support, content links, thumbnail mode, printing (via turboprint and/or postscript) and so on. There currently no documentation provided with it, so you on your own.

  10 comments | Read more  

Software News   MUI 5.0-2017R1 for AmigaOS4/PPC and AmigaOS3/m68k released
  Software News posted by tboeckel on 30-Jan-2017 19:03:58 (323 reads)
The MUI for AmigaOS development team is proud to announce the immediate release of version 5.0-2017R1 of the Magic User Interface for AmigaOS4/PPC and AmigaOS3/m68k. Please find the release archives in our download section.

Like all former releases a keyfile is required to enable all available settings. Old keyfiles from MUI 3.8 can be used without any restriction.

Please note that MUI5 for AmigaOS3/m68k is definitely targeted at powerful systems with a fast CPU and a fast graphic board. Although it is still possible to run this release on a real 68k machine an emulation like WinUAE is very highly recommended. Also colour-mapped screens with 256 colours at most are still supported, but MUI5 makes heavy use of fancy truecolour images and effects which cannot be provided on colour-mapped screens with the full range of possibilities.

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software Classic   AmiKit 9 Reloaded for Mac!
  software Classic posted by AmiKit on 29-Jan-2017 0:25:06 (568 reads)

We're proud to present AmiKit 9 Reloaded for Mac! Now it’s super fast and includes the “Rabbit Hole” which allows you to launch Mac apps from AmiKit desktop!

  1 comment | Read more  

Software News   Vote for the Amiga Games Awards 2016
  Software News posted by Daff on 28-Jan-2017 7:23:50 (398 reads)
Each year you can vote for the best Amiga game of the previous twelve months. Now it's time for the Amiga Games Award 2016!

To vote for the best AmigaOS 68k, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, or AROS games, you can rate them at this page :

There will be no "global" winner, but a winner by systems (AmigaOS 68k, AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS and AROS).

The final results will be published Monday, February 6, 2017
  1 comment  

News   AMIcast - Episode 20 - Trevor Dickinson
  News posted by radzik on 27-Jan-2017 21:03:24 (471 reads)
Today's show is all about future of AmigaOS. My guest is Trevor Dickinson! This is hot stuff direct from great Amiga Party in Ireland.

The episode has two parts: first is the interview with Trevor, second is recorded audio from Trevor's speech at Amiga Ireland MeetUp 2017. Audio quality is not so perfect, but it's worth to listen. From this episode, you will learn about near future of AmigaOne and AmigaOS. There are tough questions and we are talking about : AmigaOne X5000 and upcoming Tabor (already running AmigaOS and software).
  3 comments | Read more  

Announcement   Barjack Magigames : and your games becomes Magical !
  Announcement posted by 21stcentury on 24-Jan-2017 15:32:31 (947 reads)

Sorry for English translation, we are French

Ultimate Creative is proud to present to you Barjack Magigames from Barjack Design. First of a long series, Barjack Magigames regroups an ultra complete collection of WHDLoad Games with sumptous icons which will give a new dimension on your OS.

  12 comments | Read more  

Software News   Slarti - The Subtitle Editor
  Software News posted by Lazi on 22-Jan-2017 11:12:20 (1045 reads)
Slarti - The Subtitle Editor

This program was created to help making or modifying video subtitles. A subtitle file is contains the timing information of each text line which the video player can display while plays the movie. While the subtitle file is a simple text file, editing it manually can be very complicated.
This is where Slarti comes and help you.

Slarti has the following features:
- Embedded video player
- Real time linked subtitle and video
- Rich editing modes
- Save and load workspace
- Create .srt format subtitle file
- Transcription import
- Adjust whole subtitle file to the video
- Friendly user interface with keyboard shortcuts

The program is or will be freely downloadable as the various platform releases are unlocked. Even the source code could be released along my plan.

See the product page to learn how!

News   Warp Amiga calendar
  News posted by VooDoo on 22-Jan-2017 9:04:11 (131 reads)
On Amiga Warp organizations you can download Warp calendar for 2017 year. This time, there is the English version of the calendar and of course Croatian.

Calendar is made on the Amiga 1200 in the Final Writer under AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1 FE with the help ArtEffect and ImageFX graphical tools.


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