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software MorphOS   Public Release of MorphOS 3.7
  software MorphOS posted by ASiegel on 3-Aug-2014 9:53:15 (1074 reads)
The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the public release of MorphOS 3.7, which features various bug fixes as well as other minor improvements. For an overview of the included changes, please read our release notes.

  4 comments | Read more  

software AROS   indieGO! App Store beta release and AEROS 3.9
  software AROS posted by phoenixkonsole on 2-Aug-2014 20:35:35 (408 reads)
AEROS 3.9.0a "persistence is futile" can now be downloaded from indieGO app store.

Please scroll down and make sure to download the "graphical client".
Registering is now possible from within the client. (Red register button on bottom left)
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Software News   Hollywood Designer 4.0 manual now online
  Software News posted by softwarefailure on 31-Jul-2014 12:33:36 (813 reads)
Following the online release of the Hollywood 5.3 and MUI Royale 1.2 manuals, the Hollywood Designer 4.0 manual is now also available in richly illustrated online versions on the official Hollywood portal. The manual is available in HTML and PDF formats. The full version of Hollywood Designer 4.0 also comes with an AmigaGuide version.

News   Amiga Future monthly News July 2014
  News posted by AndreasM on 29-Jul-2014 9:18:08 (711 reads)

Amiga Future issue 109 released

The English and German issue 109 (July/August 2014) of the print magazine Amiga Future has been distributed today, and can also be ordered directly from the editorial office of Amiga Future, and the other Amiga dealers that stock the magazine.

  1 comment | Read more  

Hardware News   Tales of Gorluth at Amedia Computer
  Hardware News posted by Faranheit on 24-Jul-2014 8:20:03 (792 reads)
With the hot Summer, Amedia Computer's Team is happy to propose to all of you a direct discount of 5% on all our products (except from the promotional packs).

This discount will be automatically calculated when you make your order !

In addition of that, we'll receive soon the new Beach 'Boing Ball' in order to keep a part of the Amiga with you at the beach !

Click READ MORE for other deals ===>
  6 comments | Read more  

Software News   Hollywood Player 5.3 released
  Software News posted by softwarefailure on 23-Jul-2014 15:51:06 (1137 reads)
Airsoft Softwair is proud to announce that the Hollywood Player is now also available for all desktop platforms supported by Hollywood (AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, WarpOS, AROS, Windows, Mac OS PPC & x86, Linux PPC & x86). Although it was originally scheduled for release on June 3, 2006 (and even finished back then) its final publication for desktop systems was postponed again and again limiting the availability of the Hollywood Player to the Android platform for several years.

Click READ MORE for details ===>
  10 comments | Read more News   ARES Computer Hardware-leasing (at first only for germans), loans for others News posted by phoenixkonsole on 22-Jul-2014 19:03:46 (594 reads)

i started a rent-a-AROS machine program at my shop. I will work together with other dealers to offer more stuff soon.

At first there is a Raspberry Pi bundle, followed by Odroid U3 bundle and AmiQube.

As soon SAM460 is available I will offer that as well. I386 Hardware follows as soon AEROS r4 is ready.

Click READ MORE for details ===>
  2 comments | Read more  

software Classic   AmiKit LIVE BOOT available
  software Classic posted by AmiKit on 22-Jul-2014 12:12:44 (458 reads)
AmiKit LIVE BOOT system (called AmiPUP) is now available to the masses.

Download for free from
  1 comment  

News   indieGO app store status update / Developer program
  News posted by phoenixkonsole on 20-Jul-2014 12:35:04 (793 reads)
the indieGO!/AEROS crowd-funding campaign ended and while it didn't reach the goal we can still call it a success.
At first the indieGO- project found positive feedback from several mini computer manufactures and they keep an eye on it.
In parallel to the crowd funding I asked and offered a sort of investment scheme to other parties which was no stupid idea at all : )

  3 comments | Read more  

Software News   hw4cubic 5.3 now available
  Software News posted by softwarefailure on 18-Jul-2014 20:42:55 (520 reads)
Michael "Clyde Radcliffe" Jurisch's Hollywood add-on for Cubic IDE has been updated to support the full Hollywood 5.3 command set now. Furthermore, there have been some bug fixes and optimizations. The hw4cubic plugin allows you to use Cubic IDE as an IDE for Hollywood. The complete Hollywood command set is imported into Cubic IDE so you'll get syntax highlighting, quick command information, hotkey links to the documentation for the command under cursor, function list, direct access to the compiler, auto complete and 'intellisense' functionality plus much more. (Please click 'Read more')
  4 comments | Read more  

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