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News   Interview with Carlo Pirri
  News posted by Daff on 28-Dec-2016 6:01:47 (139 reads)
The magazine Obligement publish today an interview with Carlo Pirri, one of the members of the well known websites Hall Of Light and Amiga Magazine Rack dedicated to Amiga Games. Carlo Pirri have also one of the biggest Amiga original games collection.

Interview in french:

Interview in englsih:
  Post comment News   Enhancer Software 1.2 Released News posted by amigakit on 27-Dec-2016 21:10:46 (4035 reads)
A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to deliver another major update to the Enhancer Software for AmigaOS 4.1 systems. The Enhancer Software version 1.2 package demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the AmigaOS platform. We are pleased to confirm that it is available as a free download from AMIStore for existing registered users. New customers can either purchase a digital download from AMIStore or a buy a boxed CD from selected Amiga dealers.

The year 2016 has been a busy and productive time for the new Team. In May, Enhancer Software v1.0 was released, shortly afterwards in August the v1.1 package was completed and released to the public. Version 1.2 in now the ultimate release of 2016 and represents a snapshot of the complete year's work by the team.

Enhancer Software Special Edition
For the first time to meet popular demand, there is now a low cost version called the Enhancer Software Special Edition. This is aimed at lower specification and older computer systems that cannot use the RadeonHD, Warp3D Nova/OpenGL ES 2.0. The lower priced Special Edition is identical to the other versions of the Enhancer Software however, CANDI, RadeonHD, Warp3D Nova and OpenGL ES 2.0 have been omitted from the package.

RadeonHD updated with Oland chipset support
In the Standard Edition and Plus Edition, RadeonHD driver has been significantly updated. RadeonHD Oland chipset is now supported which opens up a wider range of graphics cards which can run on the Amiga and run with Warp3D Nova. Oland chipset based graphics cards can be currently more easily obtained at lower costs which we are hoping will encourage more users to upgrade to modern graphics hardware.

Warp3D Nova and Open GL ES 2.0 updated
Also present in the Standard Edition and Plus Edition are big updates to Warp3D Nova (v1.34) and OpenGL ES 2.0 (v1.12). The features supported by Nova have been increased and performance has been boosted which have been taken advantage of by the optimised OpenGL ES 2.0 library.

Utilities updated
Popular applications such as TuneNet have been steadily upgraded over the last few months. Additionally, development resource has been invested in to AmiPDF, Clock, MultiEdit, MultiViewer, X-Dock to keep them incrementally progressing and meeting the demands of user feedback. A "skinnable" Calendar application (based on the new datesheet gadget) has now been added to complement the "skinnable" Clock application from the previous release. Also the clipboard manager, ClipViewer has been updated to accommodate user feedback.

New Prefs applications added
There are now two new Prefs applications added which have been taken and adapted from the forthcoming Enhancer Software OS3 package. The new Sound Prefs combines the functionality of the old AHI and Sound Prefs together and introduces support for multi-channel sound device tests and new sound datatype as well as updating the GUI. The Time Prefs features a modern GUI using the new datesheet and clock gadget classes. The time can even be set by clicking on the hands of the clock and spinning them around!

Gadgets and Classes updated and added
To take advantage of the new gadgets and classes, almost all the software has been transitioned to utilise them in an ongoing rolling upgrade programme.

A-EON would like to take this opportunity to publically thank the team as a whole: the developers, beta testers, translators, graphic artists. Their dedication and enthusiasm to progress the platform has made this release possible. Please check the "credits" section in the Enhancer Software to see a list of the contributors to this project.

  80 comments | Read more (1 , 2 , 3 , 4)  

software OS4   AISS 4.22 available
  software OS4 posted by Mason on 27-Dec-2016 19:43:08 (471 reads)
The Amiga Image Storage System (AISS) offers a photo-illustrative icon style for toolbar images - it approaches the realism of photography but uses the features of illustrations to convey a lot of information in a small image.

AISS is an environment to store, access and maintain this toolbar images. For more information about AISS please have a look at the documentation.

The new release features more than 8,800 images in the AmigaOS 4 icon design and for compatibility reasons all pictures and animations of the previous releases.

The new archive is available on the website and on

Software News   VINTAGE VIEWER v2.25
  Software News posted by Templario on 27-Dec-2016 12:06:52 (387 reads)
This viewer is programmed with Hollywood™ and it is an easy picture viewer.
  Vintage Viewer is FREEWARE and PORTABLE and the main feature of this program is respect the privacy of the user, no recient files list, no playlist,  portable you can use it from USB stick,  CD, etc.,  the program only has 5 MB of size, you can minimize the program with a simple right mouse click or press the space key.

  Vintage Viewer display the next multimedia formats currently:
jpg, png, gif, lbm, bmp, in native way.
svg, jp2(jpeg 2000), tiff, pcx, using the Hollywood™ plugins.

  This program needs the Hollywood™ plugins.
  This program is FREEWARE and PORTABLE.

Available in the next languages:
   1.Spanish.   2.English.  3.Français.   4.Italiano.

For MorphOS™, AmigaOS4™, AmigaOS3.x™ and Windows™.

The site: Morgue Soft

software OS4   ShowFiles version 0.990 released - AOS4
  software OS4 posted by marko on 27-Dec-2016 11:09:33 (222 reads)
New version of ShowFiles (sf) now released for AmigaOS 4.

ShowFiles (sf) is yet another DIR command (written in C). It displays a sorted
and text-formatted list of files, drawers (dirs) and soft/hard-links on disk or
other storage medium. It will also display their additional information such as
size, date, possible comment, executable header type (68k or PPC program),
protection-bits, etc, etc.

ShowFiles (sf) at OS4Depot

  4 comments | Read more  

News   Amiga Future monthly News December 2016
  News posted by AndreasM on 26-Dec-2016 9:50:45 (219 reads)
Amiga Future on Facebook and Twitter

There are many ways to read the News of the Amiga Future.

You can just visit the Amiga Future Webpage, you can order the monthly newsletter.

There is an RSS feed, KlipFolio and you can insert the news into your own website.

Or you just install the Amiga Future News Docky on AmigaOS AmigaOS 3 or 4. Other options are currently being worked on.

Of course, we are also represented on Facebook and Twitter. Just check them out.

  Read more News   REV'n'GE! #69 News posted by Seiya on 25-Dec-2016 12:43:29 (146 reads)
Marry Xmas at alls with REV'n'GE, the fanzine that review games on vintage platforms.
Nice Xmas reviews today and mainly with:

Maupiti Island, a great interesting adventure
Akalabeth, a Commodore 64 conversion

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Events   Website for CommVEx v13 2017 goes live!
  Events posted by RobertB on 24-Dec-2016 9:16:26 (158 reads)
The website for the Commodore Vegas Expo v13 2017 is now on-line. Check back regularly for updates. Go to

My thanks to Larry Anderson of for hosting the site.

Merry Christmas,
Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group
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software Classic   XmasLights intro released by Void - m68k
  software Classic posted by marko on 21-Dec-2016 16:40:25 (303 reads)

The demo group Void has released a Xmas intro called XmasLights for Amiga m68k.

Code: Angel (add. code Puni)
Gfx: Puni and Angel
Music: Jeano

Type: demo/intro
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Requirements: 020+, 2MB chip (OCS/ECS/AGA), >=14MHz

Download from here:

Merry merry Xmas wishes Void!

News   Next FCUG meeting - Sunday, Dec. 18
  News posted by RobertB on 14-Dec-2016 9:40:05 (242 reads)
Merry Christmas, C= and Ami aficionados!

The Fresno Commodore User Group has its next meeting from 11 a.m. to 2+ p.m., Sunday, Dec. 18 at --

Bobby Salazar's Mexican Restaurant
2839 North Blackstone Ave. (corner of Blackstone and Michigan)
Fresno, California
(559) 227-1686

For discussion, we'll talk about the 35 year history of our club and show early FCUG newsletters.

Because it's Christmas, naturally we'll look at holiday demos and games for the Commodore 64 and Plus/4. For the VIC-20, we'll try drawing Christmas pictures with Minisketch, 8K ram expander, and a Flexidraw lightpen. And because one of the VIC-20's has a R65C02 processor, we can finally try out the cartridge, MOSES: The Assembler of the Ages (which requires a 65C02). In Amiga matters, I'll bring in the AmigaOne XE G4 with OS 4.1 Final Edition and Radeon HD 4650 video card. (Hmm, what Christmasy item can I run on the A1? :) ) As usual, we'll try to get to the items that we did not cover in the November meeting.

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

P.S. If I can get 5V out of the C128, there will be a demonstration of Jason "Pyrofer's" new RGB digital-to-VGA adapter that goes directly to a multi-scan VGA monitor without the need of a scandoubler/flicker-fixer.

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