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Events   The July 30-31 Commodore Vegas Expo is go!
  Events posted by RobertB on 13-Jun-2016 9:13:05 (187 reads)
The final payment for the ballroom has been made. Guests, such as CBM engineer Bill Seiler and hardware developer Jim Drew, are getting ready to attend. Hardware and software is being gathered. Presentations are being prepped. The Commodore Vegas Expo, a.k.a. CommVEx, is fast approaching.

Join us for the 12th annual CommVEx on July 30-31 at the Plaza Hotel, third floor ballroom, 1 Main Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.. For more information, go to

For CommVEx discussion, go to

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the KIM-1! Celebrate the 35th anniversary of the VIC-20! Celebrate all that is Commodore and Amiga!

Come to CommVEx!
Robert Bernardo
organizer - Commodore Vegas Expo
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Announcement   NWAG Website Now Online
  Announcement posted by spudisgood on 12-Jun-2016 0:14:13 (418 reads)
Hi all,

A while ago you may remember I had a thread on here about the formation of NWAG, a user group based in the North West of England

Since then we have had a meeting and have discussions on Facebook, it is appreciated that not everyone wishes to use Facebook so there is now a proper NWAG website which should be Amiga friendly, detailing information on our members and upcoming events. It is hosted by the great Bambi Amiga server.

Feel free to take a look!

NWAG Official Website

If you want to get involved in the group or want to be added to the members section please do not hesitate to contact me.


Internet News   Aminet - Hollywood directory [dev/hwood]
  Internet News posted by Lazi on 11-Jun-2016 11:41:15 (472 reads)
Hollywood is a multiplatform software development tool. It links to the Amiga not just with its roots, but it is currently one of the most actively developed Amiga software sporting support for all Amiga architectures.

There is no better place to share Hollywood free plug-ins, source files, tutorials, additional documentations than Aminet, which is the de-facto file archive for the Amiga platforms since ages.

That is why Aminet administrators made a new directory dev/hwood for files related to the commercial Hollywood compiler.

Currently there can be find the already released plug-ins, but hopefully in the future more and more material will be there to support Hollywood users.
  3 comments News   REV'n'GE! #57 - Super Vintage News posted by Seiya on 9-Jun-2016 15:59:38 (296 reads)
REV'n'GE! is a fanzine that review/compare games on vintage plataforms.
This issue is a Special Edition dedicated to Super Vintage platforms like Oric-1, Color Genie, ZX-81
and many more.


  1 comment News   June 2016 Edition of MorphOS Software Development Kit 3.10 News posted by ASiegel on 8-Jun-2016 19:54:45 (298 reads)
The MorphOS development team would like to announce the immediate availability of the June 2016 release of MorphOS Software Development Kit (SDK) 3.10. The new SDK sports a bugfixed GCC5 compiler, updated ixemul and SSL libraries as well as improvements in its documentation and include files.

The new software development kit is available for download in our files section.


News   Next FCUG meeting - Sunday, June 12
  News posted by RobertB on 7-Jun-2016 4:51:21 (253 reads)
Happy June, C= and Ami aficionados!

The Fresno Commodore User Group has its next meeting from 11 a.m. to 2+ p.m., Sunday, June 12 at --

Bobby Salazar's Mexican Restaurant
2839 North Blackstone Ave. (corner of Blackstone and Michigan)
Fresno, California
(559) 227-1686

Note that our meeting is one week earlier than usual.

  Read more News   AmiModRadio v0.991 with social-media feature! News posted by tygre on 7-Jun-2016 2:02:09 (207 reads)
Dear all!

I am happy to announce the release of AmiModRadio v0.991 (here, here, or here) .

In addition to fixing some bugs and to some refactorings, this version adds a long-awaited social-media feature . It is now possible to rate modules from 1 to 5 (1 lowest, 5 highest). When playing modules, if the community has rated them, the community's rates are displayed. If the user also has rated them (based on her IP address), the user's rates are also displayed!

The rates are stored by IP addresses along number of votes (nothing more, nothing less) on an Amiga server! Yes, only Amiga makes it possible .

As usual, any comments/questions/bug reports are welcome!
  1 comment News   Enhancer Software Retail Box Available News posted by amigakit on 5-Jun-2016 15:30:36 (3389 reads)
Enhancer Software Retail Box Available
Cardiff, June 5th 2016

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce that the new Enhancer Software retail boxed CD for OS4 is now available from selected retailers worldwide.

The Enhancer Software is a collection of utilities, commodities, classes, datatypes and libraries with the aim of enhancing the AmigaOS experience. It's the result of over nine months worth of hard work by the Team.

The package contains new developments of ClipViewer, Exchanger, MultiEdit, MultiViewer 2, TuneNet, X-Dock, AmiDVD, SmartFileSystem, PartitionWizard, Ringhio Notifications and much more!

The Enhancer Software contains the debut pre-release version of Warp3D Nova and there will be free updates for Enhancer Software users as Nova gets updated over the coming months.

The Enhancer Software is available in two editions: Standard and Plus.

Every retail box has a serial key code which can be entered into the AMIStore website for customers to download free future updates.

Official support Wiki website:

Where To Buy:

* Alinea Computer
* Amedia Computer: Standard Edition and Plus Edition
* Relec
* Standard Edition and Plus Edition
* ACube Systems

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News   Amiga Future monthly News May 2016
  News posted by AndreasM on 31-May-2016 9:14:17 (342 reads)
APC&TCP is almost 22 years old

The history of APC&TCP began some 24 years ago. Despite the many skeptics, competitors and other people with a poor attitude and feelings towards us, we are still in business today.

You can find the story regarding APC&TCP from the URL .

Of course, this story is only a part of the complete history of APC&TCP. If you can think of anything that should also be mentioned, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Click READ MORE ===>
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software OS4   Preferences 1.30 released (AOS4)
  software OS4 posted by marko on 29-May-2016 20:03:39 (673 reads)
Preferences is program that shows a window with grouped icons for launching the prefs-programs found in "SYS:Prefs/", among others. You may see the snapshot(s) for examples how it looks.

  4 comments | Read more  

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