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Re: Viva Amiga big day
Posted on 9-Jan-2017 12:13:37
#21 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 5-Apr-2005
Posts: 609
From: Pomaz, Hungary

I can see Viva Amiga as another missed opportunity.
There have been a clear demand for a good documentary about the Amiga phenomenon. There was the money collected by Kickstarter and there was enough time.

But something should be missed from the project because the result in my opinion is not satisfying for the hardcore Amiga fan nor the amateur who has some interest.
It is too superficial for the viewer that has some knowledge about Amiga, and tells too less for the one who knows almost nothing about the possibility that the Amiga meant.

Anyway the first half of the movie was a pleasure for me as being an Amiga addict. There is so few places nowadays where Amiga is mentioned, so we should appreciate everything that tells us from that golden age of computing.

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Re: Viva Amiga big day
Posted on 10-Jan-2017 13:03:30
#22 ]
Super Member
Joined: 16-Apr-2009
Posts: 1164
From: UK


There looks like there is a second part coming.

If you couldn't make it to MAGfest, Viva Amiga is available now on iTunes, Vimeo OnDemand, Amazon, and Google Play among other platforms. For news on possible future screenings, follow the film on Facebook. Can't get enough Amiga articles? You'll be pleased to know that the next installment of my History of the Amiga series is coming soon!

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Re: Viva Amiga big day
Posted on 10-Jan-2017 13:24:11
#23 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 11-Aug-2005
Posts: 4116
From: UK


Lazi Quote:

I can see Viva Amiga as another missed opportunity.

The genie is out of the bottle and no one is that excited anymore I'm afraid. In true Amiga spirit the whole 'when it's done' and reliance on milking our optimism & patience dry has allowed the birth of another lacklustre product

There looks like there is a second part coming.

We won't hold our breath! Life is too short. Congratulations to the team for finally releasing this film but may be everyone should just now move on with their lives.

"Art challenges technology. Technology inspires the art."
John Lasseter, Pixar Animation Studios

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Re: Viva Amiga big day
Posted on 14-Jan-2017 19:42:18
#24 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 16-Jun-2006
Posts: 919
From: Visalia, California

There is a short but sweet review of the movie at

Writing from Nassau, the Bahamas,
Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

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Re: Viva Amiga big day
Posted on 30-Jan-2017 12:46:15
#25 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 5-May-2003
Posts: 2875
From: Westhall, UK

Just watched it. Nice production. Loved the 3D graphics. I think both Bedrooms to Billions and Viva Amiga will become must have videos alongside the Deathbed Vigil.

Amiga A1200, 3.1 ROMs, Blizzard 1220/4 with FPU and 8MB RAM, 4GB KingSpec DoM SSD, Workbench 3.1

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Re: Viva Amiga big day
Posted on 30-Jan-2017 16:15:17
#26 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 20-Mar-2003
Posts: 5578
From: S.Wales


Writing from Nassau, the Bahamas

Are you trying to find where Commodore's money went?

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