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Kings of Israel Board Game Amiga Version (bug hunting)
Posted on 11-Sep-2015 20:52:08
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UPDATE 2015-09-18:
Altars, Idols, Prophets and SinCubes all go to their own places now. If you notice one of them going to wrong spot in some situation, please let me know, and also what sin&punishment or Blessing card was/were played right before this occuring, since it is most likely then caused by one of those cards.
I might have used own routine, or copy-pasted default moving routine to one of the cards, and might have forgot to replace it with the current new moving function. It is easy to fix, as long as i know which card is moving wrong.
- - - - - - - -

Kings of Israel Board Game Amiga version.

Latest Version: 0.67 (mainly meant for bug hunters but quite playable already for those just wanting to play)

AOS3 (expect to need maybe 100 Mb of memory and gfx card), AOS4, MorphOS, AROS - No guarantee any version is actually working, except I have tried AOS4 version with SAM440EP and it runs at okay speed.

Purpose of this thread:
To find people willing to hunt bugs, and for them to report about them in one place (in this thread).

Comments unrelated to this thread can be made to my other thread about Kings of Israel Board Game:

I have now released version 0.67 of Kings of Israel Board Game to AOS3, AOS4, MorphOs and AROS at Indiego Appstore: (find under category games/board)

Except for AOS4, none of the versions have been tested, hence there is no guarantee they even work, but do report here if you test one and they dont.

Current version is meant for those willing to help hunting bugs. Game is completeable, i have played it through both by winning and losing. However, you will simply get a message saying "you win" or "game over" and after that program might quit, crash or continue like nothing had happened.

Most graphics have been updated, but some are still not. There is now a layout system where you can edit layout yourself (also gives possiblity to make cards zoom in to bigger size to make cards more readable when playing with less than Full HD resolution)

To put it short. This is not final release, but it is already very much playable, although still buggy. I was able to play most games until end without crashing, there are however some graphical bugs still.

Notice, that one thing that might sometimes happen is that you dont get your possible actions listed. In this case, push "w"-key to force your possible actions to come out. However, better if you quit the game with "ESC" and send the debugfile.txt to me, so i can find out what caused it.

What I am mainly looking for is, if something clearly works wrong. For example a card doesnt do what it is supposed to do.

Things that help me to fix the bugs:

- obviously, the Error message if there is one.
- What did you do before the problem happened.
- send me the debugfile.txt (created during game to the main folder, will be replaced every time you start a new game) at ugalabugala(that thing)

As example, there are cards that affect each player by giving them choice to do something or not, sometimes it is important to know if first prophet did not use, and second did, for even that some certain one did or did not use, might go to different part of code, and it only needs to be a one letter typo for any variable to become 0 and hence causing unexpected behavior.

- Were some cards in effect, especially if they are some that would affect the card/action that bugged.

more detailed you can get, and better you remember, the better.

have fun playing, but keep in mind not to take it too seriously, since there is still a good chance you wont be able to finish your game thanks to some bug.

Known minor bugs I havent been planning on fixing:
- There are couple of situations where deck gets shuffled twice in a row.
- There are couple of situations where you get action options twice.
- When "Baal worship" location cards are returned to locations deck, they technically do go on top of the discard pile, but graphics wise not. However, this shouldnt affect anything since "Baal Worship" is only card where location discard piles top card matters anything, and it is already used then.
- There are some completely untested hypothetical situations which i am not sure how they will work out, mainly to do with location getting destroyed. They all however are of a nature of if player is actually playing to win, he shouldnt have those problems.

- If martyr ability is used before first round starts, it crashes the program. Basically I am not planning to fix this, since it doesnt make too much sense to use it at setup phase of a game. However, if people say they really do want to use it at that point already (for example to avoid one of two idols from coming to game), then I will try to fix it.

Known bugs i plan to take a look at some point:
- When hand gets re-ordered, last card is supposed to be the card on top, this however doesnt happen so half the time. I once tried to look for it, and couldnt figure reason why, it will be one of the last things i will take a look at, since it isnt that criticial even if it stays that way.

- Some action Options show grayed even they shouldnt, i suppose it is because text goes behind textbox. Especially "End Turn" is most of time greyed.

- When Zooming cards multiple times in a row, it will keep greying/ungreying Action options.

- Sometimes when given new options like "Yes / No" some of those options are greyed too.

These greying issues are all probably caused by one and same bug. But once again, they are not critical, hence i look them as last things.

Notice: Do not try to find out bugs by making situations that you think would cause bugs just for bugs findings sake.
I am only interested in bugs that occur if player is playing the game normally. If someone really wants to trap himself in destroyed location which has only one way out and that location is destroyed location as well, then i am not too interested in fixing a bug caused by gameplay like that. My aim is not to make the game completely bug free, my aim is to make it bug free for those who are playing the game with aim of trying to win it.

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