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A Guide for WinUAE: 6. 10 ex-commercial Amiga games  Popular
(Read 16917 times)

Psygnosis (1992) Orignal target specs: Any Amiga with 521 KB RAM
A nice sideways scrolling shoot`m up within which you control an owl. The game has good graphics and excellent music. The harddisk version can be downloaded form the download section of AmigaInABox.

Banshee (AGA)
Core Design (1994) Original target specs: Any AGA Amiga.
A very good vertically scrolling shoot `em up, the best one I have seen for any platform so far. Beautiful silky smooth scrolling graphics are combined with excellent 1 or 2 player gameplay. Great weather effects and huge end-level boses makes this truly a real masterpiece. You can download the game here.

Beneath a steel sky
Virgin Games (1994) Original target specs: Any Amiga with 1MB
A hilarious adventure in the same league as games like The Secret of Monkey Island" (part 1&2) and "Simon the Sorceror" (1&2). The CD version offers excellent speech but also takes quite some space on your harddrive. You download this game here. If the game does not load up correctly under AIAB then boot into MiniBench. This can be done by pressing the left mouse button during AmigaOS bootup. After this find the game and load it and this game should run correctly.

First Samurai
Vivid Imagine (1991) Original target specs: Any Amiga with 1 MB RAM.
An action packed platform game with excellent graphics and sounds. Along the levels lots of puzzles are needed to be solved in order to progress. You can download it here.

Psygnosis (1990) Original target specs: Any Amiga with 1 MB RAM.
A very addictive puzzle/strategy game. You try too rescue your lemmings by appointing certain tasks to certain lemmings (like i.e. sacrifice some for the sake of the group). The Amiga orginal is easily the best Lemmings version available. Great classical music tunes, well thought out level design and a hilariously fun two player mode. You can download the HD version from the downloads section of AmigaInABox.

Thalion (1992) Original target specs. Any Amiga with 1 MB RAM.
Graphically the most impressive 2D platform game I have seen for any computer or game console. Many parallax scrolling layers makes this game a feast for your eyes to watch. Good sound effects and good gameplay makes this game a true classic. You can download the ADFs from the Thalion webshrine here. To install this game onto your harddrive you need to get an installer form the WHDLoad website.

Mega Lo Mania
Image Works (1991) Original target specs. Any Amiga with 1 MB RAM.
A great strategy game where you try to take control of small islands. A great aspect of this game is that you need to advance your tribe with inventions in order to outsmart your foes. The game is of a similar quality as compared to other Amiga strategy classics like Populous2 and Powermonger. You can download the HD version from the downloads section of AmigaInABox.

Shadow of the Beast
Psygnosis (1989) Original target specs: Any Amiga with 1 MB RAM.
A great looking and sounding classical game. This game has sold many Amigas in the past as it was used in shops to demonstrate the enormous power of even bog standard entry level Amiga computers. You can download the HD version from the downloads section of AmigaInABox.

Super Cars 2
Gremlin (1991) Original target specs: Any Amiga with 1 MB RAM.
A top-down viewed one or two player racing game with great music and loads of weaponries. This game is very fun to play with a friend, either try to blow eachother off the racetrack or to co-operate with eachother against other competitors. You can download the HD version here.

Xtreme Racing (AGA)
Silltunna (1995) Original taget specs: AGA Amiga with 030 CPU and 4MB RAM
A great 3D racing game similar to Nintendo's 'Mario Kart'. On a real Amiga you have the ability to play this game with lots of friends over a network. During the game you need to alter the screen resolution to 1x1 as the game looks rather blocky in 2x2 mode (used for bog standard 14 MHz A1200s). You can download the ADFs here. When you have the game installed on your harddisk be sure to edit the game startup file with an editor and delete a line regarding the cracker intro. If you don't do this the game may crash as it did initially on my setup.

Table of contents
  1. Setup your Emulation Box

  2. Creating an advanced emulated AmigaOS environment

  3. Acquiring legally free software for AmigaOS

  4. 10 freely distributable Amiga software titles

  5. 10 of the best Amiga PD Scene games

  6. 10 ex-commercial Amiga games

- MikeB
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