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OS4 hardwarel comparison table  Popular
(Read 30621 times)
AmigaOne model comparison table

For those that plan to buy an AmigaOne mobo in the future might be helped with this little comparison table.

Item AmigaOne XE G4 A1 XC -A1-C -A1-I
Description Full ATX mobo for bigbox amigas Future micro-ATX mobo for bigbox amigas. Development platform Consumer version mini ITX board Industrial version mini ITX board
Physical size (mm) ATX 305 x 244 N/A mini-ITX 170 x 170 mini-ITX 170 x 170
CPU type 745x (G4) 800Mhz N/A 750Fx (G3) 800Mhz 750Gx (G3) 800Mhz
CPU Cooling Active (fan) N/A Active (fan) Passive
CPU Mounting A1 Megaarray N/A A1 Megaarray Soldered onboard
FSB 133Mhz N/A 133Mhz 133Mhz
Chipset (north) Articia-S Articia-P Articia-S Articia-S
Chipset (south) VIA 82C686B N/A VIA 82C686B N/A
Memory spec REG PC133 N/A REG PC133 REG PC133
Onboard memory 0 Mb N/A 0 Mb 256Mb
Memory slots 2x DIMM N/A 1x SODIMM (Sold with 256Mb module) 1x SODIMM
Max memory 2Gb N/A 2Gb 2Gb
AGP slot AGP 2x N/A none (AGP in PCI mode on riser card) none (AGP in PCI mode on riser card)
PCI Slots 4 (1x 66Mhz 3x 33Mhz) N/A 1 (1-3 with riser card) 1 (1-3 with riser card)
I/O expansion None N/A None PCI-104 compatible connector
IDE Controller Integrated VIA 686B ATA100 controller. 2x 40 way headers N/A Integrated VIA 686B ATA100 controller. 40 & 44 way headers Sil0680 ATA133 controller. 40 & 44 way headers. Bootable CF slot
Ethernet 3COM 920C 10/100 controller N/A 3COM 920C 10/100 controller RTL8110 Gb/100/10 controller
Sound none / VIA686B AC'97 N/A CM!8738 6-channel 5.1 surround sound with CDROM, front audio on headers CM!8738 6-channel 5.1 surround sound with CDROM, front audio on headers
Firewire (IEEE 1394) none N/A none 2 rear panel sockets
USB 1.1, 2 external, 2 internal N/A 1.1, 2 external, 2 internal 1.1, 2 external, 2 internal
Onboard gfx none N/A Ati Radeon 7000 32MB Ati Radeon 7000 32MB
Gfx outputs none N/A SVGA, S-Video, Composite SVGA, S-Video, Composite
Legacy I/O ports PS/2 Mouse, PS/2 keyboard, Game, Parallel, 2x Serial, IRDA (internal shared with serial) N/A PS/2 Mouse, PS/2 keyboard, Game, Parallel, Serial (Internal) PS/2 Mouse, PS/2 keyboard, Game, Parallel, 2x Serial (Internal), IRDA (internal)
Image Hosted by N/A N/A N/A

Other stuff of interest:

- uA1 mkII at This is a preproduction version of the uA1 mobos mentioned above.

- Other models have previously been made, such as the AmigaOne SE G3, AmigaOne XE G3 and the uA1 preproduction boards but it is unclear wether these models will continue to be made.

If something is wrong or if you have suggestions then please PM Orgin. - Orgin
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