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Random map screen shot Popular
Description: Screen shot of a random generated map.

Submitter:  thinkchip - More Photos from thinkchip  
Last Update: 17-Apr-2020 1:15:50 Hits: 899 Rating: 4.00 (1 vote)
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Helgis XMas Celebration AquaX Pre-OS4 Update 1 Screenshot! Popular
Description: The perhaps most spiritual Christmas background up to date! With Xmasbench! Although, that effect doesn't seems to work so very well and might be deleted. I only use it sometimes as long as it doesn't cause a lock up. It's not very OS4 friendly. Although, the background itself is just magical and make you feel right at home this Christmas! Well, a very soon Merry Christmas then! Start voting! .-D

Submitter:   - More Photos from   
Last Update: 6-Dec-2004 0:04:30 Hits: 3437 Rating: 4.08 (12 votes)Comments: 2 posts
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Some Mui Shots Popular
Description: just wanted to show how the rest of the aquaX theme is looking...

Submitter:  Toaks - More Photos from Toaks  
Last Update: 1-Dec-2004 12:31:15 Hits: 6029 Rating: 4.14 (7 votes)Comments: 8 posts
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ikir Popular
Description: My theme, available on OS4 Depot:

Submitter:  ikir - More Photos from ikir  
Last Update: 2-Apr-2006 0:25:15 Hits: 3360 Rating: 4.18 (17 votes)
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Ultra WB 4.0 ;) Popular
Description: What can i say.. i like it;)

Submitter:  Mangaclub - More Photos from Mangaclub  
Last Update: 17-Sep-2006 16:20:22 Hits: 2839 Rating: 4.33 (9 votes)
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Fight for Survival Red Popular
Description: Same as the normal one but in a red tone and glowing text, can the Boing Ball Survive?

Submitter:  amigang - More Photos from amigang  
Last Update: 26-Jul-2007 16:01:14 Hits: 1932 Rating: 4.33 (3 votes)
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jahc Popular
Description: I have no idea who Arana is except that shes a Marvel comic book character, but its quite a nice vibrant backdrop.

Kens-icons used here.

Workbench titlebar colour altered slightly.

Submitter:  jahc - More Photos from jahc  
Last Update: 22-Feb-2005 3:23:34 Hits: 4003 Rating: 4.40 (5 votes)
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Classics revisited Popular
Description: The Avanti touring car and the Classic Amiga OS have both been redeisgned for greater style, luxury and performance.

Submitter:  Paul - More Photos from Paul  
Last Update: 17-May-2005 8:20:45 Hits: 3513 Rating: 4.50 (2 votes)
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DiskMaster2 Screenshot Popular
Description: Running on a seperate screen, not configured at all, but someone asked for a screenshot ;-)

Submitter:  wegster - More Photos from wegster  
Last Update: 9-Jul-2005 12:01:53 Hits: 5102 Rating: 4.50 (2 votes)
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VistaPro 3.0 (V3.05) screenmode promoted under OS4 Final Popular
Description: Basic Extended DEM File
Rendered at 1280x1024 in under a minute.
Same (not shown) at 640x512 in 15 seconds.

Submitter:  number6 - More Photos from number6  
Last Update: 27-Jan-2007 8:58:11 Hits: 1979 Rating: 4.50 (2 votes)
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VistaPro 3.0 (V3.05) screenmode promoted final render Popular
Description: The previous extended DEM file with some fine
tuned internal program adjustments eliminating
polygon "seams" and extracting greater detail.

Submitter:  number6 - More Photos from number6  
Last Update: 28-Jan-2007 1:59:56 Hits: 2085 Rating: 4.50 (2 votes)
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A quick screen grab os AmigaOS 4.1 update 1 Popular
Description: Just a normal day

Submitter:  nottins - More Photos from nottins  
Last Update: 20-Jan-2010 22:15:37 Hits: 2256 Rating: 4.50 (2 votes)Comments: 1 post
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AmigaOS 4.1 Update 2 Popular
Description: My current AmigaOS 4.1 Update 2 Workbench. :-)

Submitter:  AmigaPapst - More Photos from AmigaPapst  
Last Update: 1-Aug-2010 19:51:50 Hits: 1680 Rating: 4.50 (2 votes)Comments: 1 post
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Ahead of its time Popular
Description: Like the 1948 Tucker automobile, the Amiga computer is ahead of its time.

Submitter:  Paul - More Photos from Paul  
Last Update: 16-Apr-2005 4:13:19 Hits: 5427 Rating: 4.60 (5 votes)
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My Festive Workbench Popular
Description: Merry Christmas

Submitter:  danwood - More Photos from danwood  
Last Update: 15-Dec-2009 8:43:27 Hits: 1575 Rating: 4.67 (3 votes)
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AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1 Popular
Description: Screenshot of AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1.

Submitter:  marko - More Photos from marko  
Last Update: 26-Jan-2010 18:18:05 Hits: 1622 Rating: 4.67 (3 votes)
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REminiscence Flashback on OS4 Popular
Description: Very cool conversion of REminiscence allowing the PC version of Flashback to be played on OS4

Submitter:  TheAMIgaOne - More Photos from TheAMIgaOne  
Last Update: 5-Apr-2005 0:08:48 Hits: 12607 Rating: 4.75 (4 votes)Comments: 5 posts
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AmigaSYS 1.7 under E-UAE-SDL Popular
Description: AmigaSYS 1.7 running in E-UAE-SDL. You can run the AmigaSYS.hdf file after intalling it in WinUAE or copy the contents of the hardfile to a drawer and mount it as System in .uaerc file

Submitter:  emeck - More Photos from emeck  
Last Update: 21-Feb-2005 15:00:59 Hits: 7081 Rating: 4.92 (13 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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Just a Screenshot.... Popular
Description: Nothing special...

Submitter:  Jacken - More Photos from Jacken  
Last Update: 11-Jul-2005 0:48:14 Hits: 3602 Rating: 5.00 (5 votes)Comments: 2 posts
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My AmiXP theme Popular
Description: Windows XP rulez!:)

Submitter:  SZAMAN - More Photos from SZAMAN  
Last Update: 5-Aug-2005 0:05:12 Hits: 3423 Rating: 5.00 (5 votes)Comments: 3 posts

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