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Photos currently sorted by: Popularity (Least to Most Hits)

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Description: Just a little OSX skin for PLAYCD. Upload on OS4depot.

Submitter:  petrol - More Photos from petrol  
Last Update: 17-Feb-2005 8:23:45 Hits: 3795 Rating: 8.33 (6 votes)Comments: 6 posts
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First screen grab upload. Popular
Description: My Workbench on XE-G3 256MB ram and a Radeon 9200SE.

Zami theme and a mix of icons called Gant and of course Ken's icons.

Submitter:  busytech - More Photos from busytech  
Last Update: 6-Aug-2005 3:54:24 Hits: 3865 Rating: 6.75 (4 votes)Comments: 2 posts
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Switcher3D and WB windows in 3D Popular
Description: Here's a screengrab of my unfinished Switcher3D program. There's Workbench windows in 3D view.

Submitter:  Tomppeli - More Photos from Tomppeli  
Last Update: 6-Mar-2007 15:17:18 Hits: 3884 Rating: 6.00 (5 votes)Comments: 5 posts
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My WB Popular
Description: My WB

Submitter:  Tomppeli - More Photos from Tomppeli  
Last Update: 23-Mar-2005 16:01:43 Hits: 3907 Rating: 7.67 (3 votes)
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A1 Debian Popular
Description: Screenshot of Debian Lenny running on Geri's kernel.

Submitter:  acefnq - More Photos from acefnq  
Last Update: 22-Jun-2007 21:04:44 Hits: 3912 Rating: 5.17 (6 votes)Comments: 1 post
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AmiNetRadio and 6 Visual Effects Popular
Description: Even with dnetc, SGrab, WookieChat, AminetRadio and 6 Visual Effects, my system didn't slow down much and was still very usable !
More ScreenGrabs at

Submitter:  AmiGame - More Photos from AmiGame  
Last Update: 31-Mar-2006 10:20:23 Hits: 3921 Rating: 7.88 (8 votes)
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rebol under OS4 Popular
Description: A recent thread prompted me to try out the AmigaOS 68k version of this excellent scripting language.
I've only just installed the GUI version, but it seems to run quite smoothly.

Submitter:  amipal - More Photos from amipal  
Last Update: 31-Mar-2005 23:46:33 Hits: 3980 Rating: 8.50 (2 votes)
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jahc Popular
Description: I have no idea who Arana is except that shes a Marvel comic book character, but its quite a nice vibrant backdrop.

Kens-icons used here.

Workbench titlebar colour altered slightly.

Submitter:  jahc - More Photos from jahc  
Last Update: 22-Feb-2005 3:23:34 Hits: 4000 Rating: 4.40 (5 votes)
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novometal III AR Popular
Description: One step of the evolution of novometal...

Submitter:  saimo - More Photos from saimo  
Last Update: 28-Mar-2006 16:08:57 Hits: 4049 Rating: 6.14 (7 votes)
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OS4 on a BlizzardPPC Popular
Description: Just my Workbench as it stands currently (19/12/04)

Submitter:  Ryu - More Photos from Ryu  
Last Update: 19-Dec-2004 15:27:31 Hits: 4105 Rating: 5.86 (7 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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My current WB Popular
Description: Nothing.

Submitter:  petrol - More Photos from petrol  
Last Update: 18-Dec-2004 18:29:43 Hits: 4120 Rating: 6.50 (6 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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My first Grab Popular
Description: Not very fancy but it makes me happy ;-) I love my new Amiga!

Submitter:  BobW - More Photos from BobW  
Last Update: 21-May-2005 5:22:39 Hits: 4121 Rating: 6.67 (3 votes)Comments: 4 posts
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AmigaOS4 and PublicPaint Popular
Description: quick preview

Submitter:  NutsAboutAmiga - More Photos from NutsAboutAmiga  
Last Update: 21-Jul-2005 2:13:02 Hits: 4163 Rating: 4.00 (2 votes)Comments: 1 post
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Workbench2 Popular
Description: My second Worbench picture (now screengrabbed :)

Submitter:  Ralf - More Photos from Ralf  
Last Update: 28-Nov-2004 2:55:26 Hits: 4169 Rating: 5.25 (8 votes)Comments: 6 posts
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First picture of PublicPaint 0.9.6 Popular
Description: First picture of publicpaint on OS4.0

Submitter:  NutsAboutAmiga - More Photos from NutsAboutAmiga  
Last Update: 19-Mar-2005 21:43:39 Hits: 4213 Rating: 8.00 (2 votes)
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Workbench OS4 Popular
Description: Ok, so had to at least upload one. Latest background, with mostly transparent AmiDock, redone icons.

Submitter:  wegster - More Photos from wegster  
Last Update: 9-Jul-2005 12:02:40 Hits: 4251 Rating: 5.33 (3 votes)Comments: 5 posts
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Amihome Popular
Description: My powerful OS;-)

Submitter:   - More Photos from   
Last Update: 6-Dec-2004 8:30:24 Hits: 4283 Rating: 5.78 (9 votes)Comments: 1 post
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My WB Popular
Description: Shows the main things I'm using my A1 for at the moment - music, videos, thanks to the grand efforts of AFXGroup, Amigaworld browsing :-) Largely uncustomised WB, but then the shots of the default look are what first reignited my interest in Amiga...few tweeks here and there though of course to taste. Very nice Glow Revolution icons in use here too 8-) So far greatly enjoying my new miggy.

Submitter:  Jamie_S - More Photos from Jamie_S  
Last Update: 25-Feb-2005 19:22:17 Hits: 4333 Rating: 6.50 (6 votes)Comments: 2 posts
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Difuse Ice City Desk Top Popular
Description: Tell me what you think. And don't forget to vote.

Submitter:  paulsamiga - More Photos from paulsamiga  
Last Update: 28-Mar-2005 0:35:31 Hits: 4335 Rating: 5.25 (4 votes)
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My OS4 Popular
Description: ;)

Submitter:  Maik - More Photos from Maik  
Last Update: 23-Jan-2005 17:36:08 Hits: 4349 Rating: 6.00 (5 votes)Comments: 2 posts

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