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My OS4 Popular
Description: ;)

Submitter:  Maik - More Photos from Maik  
Last Update: 23-Jan-2005 17:36:08 Hits: 4349 Rating: 6.00 (5 votes)Comments: 2 posts
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My WB showing WarpSNES Popular
Description: My first WB-picture, showing the almost finished
port of WarpSNES for OS4, I just need to package
it and send to OS4-depot now, but must sleep first. ;)

Submitter:  Olle - More Photos from Olle  
Last Update: 26-Jan-2005 0:00:54 Hits: 14875 Rating: 7.50 (4 votes)Comments: 6 posts
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Baby PiratOS4;-) Popular
Description: You see the Baby Pirat!

Submitter:   - More Photos from   
Last Update: 26-Jan-2005 3:10:30 Hits: 13320 Rating: 6.57 (7 votes)Comments: 7 posts
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Some other Bubble Icons Popular
Description: Just a quick grab to show all the others original glows I converted to Bubble Icons (I loves them, respect to the original author !) Only in small format BTW, I only like small icons.

Submitter:  Crisot - More Photos from Crisot  
Last Update: 30-Jan-2005 16:03:44 Hits: 4725 Rating: 7.75 (4 votes)Comments: 7 posts
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My OS4 icon set (derived from Gnome default icons) Popular
Description: I made this icons from Gnome default iconset. I need a cute boing ball painted like Gnome icons. I made my USB icons based from glowicons. I hope you like my set.

Submitter:  image - More Photos from image  
Last Update: 31-Jan-2005 12:52:25 Hits: 5560 Rating: 7.67 (6 votes)Comments: 5 posts
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E-UAE 0.8.27 running on OS4 Popular
Description: This week I are be mostly playing... Games on E-UAE.

Following on the theme (Of sorts), my February grab features the wonder that is E-UAE. Games shown (From the left to right): Out to Lunch, Putty Squad Demo, F/A-18 Interceptor, Flashback & Battle Chess.

Underneath I have AmiDock containing my currently installed WHD Games. The games are run with a script throwing you straight into the game with the choice of Window or Full Screen play.

Highlight of the shot. The Knights of Battle Chess having a disagreement over who owns what square. Nice.

Gotta send this one out to EvilRich for his hard work on E-UAE.

Submitter:  FuZion - More Photos from FuZion  
Last Update: 3-Feb-2005 0:48:24 Hits: 7923 Rating: 8.67 (6 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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A grab of my Workbench! Popular
Description: I have installed PowerIcons and use them for AmiDock. Most of the PNG icons are taken from the PNGIcons64x64.lha archive from Aminet. Kens Icons (OS4Depot) is used for drawer icons in Workbench. The background is taken from and is called "Tropic Of Cancer".

Submitter:  Samwel - More Photos from Samwel  
Last Update: 14-Feb-2005 21:49:42 Hits: 8389 Rating: 6.86 (7 votes)Comments: 1 post
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Description: Just a little OSX skin for PLAYCD. Upload on OS4depot.

Submitter:  petrol - More Photos from petrol  
Last Update: 17-Feb-2005 8:23:45 Hits: 3795 Rating: 8.33 (6 votes)Comments: 6 posts
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First look of FreeCiv OS4 Popular
Description: FreeCiv OS4 was originally compiled way way back as an ugly hack
to get around guigfx library dependencies. The resulting code was
unstable and needed more work than I had time for.

For the first time since ... ooooh June ... I took a second
look at the build tree, used idltool and generated a guigfx stub
to build FreeCiv running on OS4. Guigfx and render.library being
68k slow it down abit, but it works and a hell of a lot faster than
the 68k version. The server which never really worked well in emulation
on 68k is now slick and responsive.

The MUI interface you see here is ported, and is OK, but
a better interface in Reaction will come later ( when its done TM ).

Once Im happy with the current port it will go up in os4depot along with
the source code creator binary to follow the current tradition of blocking
access to source code for other platforms started elsewhere.

It shouldn't be hard to get this working on AROS/Zune once the guigfx
deps are gone. So if its no work, or little work, or whatever it will be
done TM.

Submitter:   - More Photos from   
Last Update: 21-Feb-2005 7:52:26 Hits: 4379 Rating: 8.00 (3 votes)Comments: 7 posts
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AmigaSYS 1.7 under E-UAE-SDL Popular
Description: AmigaSYS 1.7 running in E-UAE-SDL. You can run the AmigaSYS.hdf file after intalling it in WinUAE or copy the contents of the hardfile to a drawer and mount it as System in .uaerc file

Submitter:  emeck - More Photos from emeck  
Last Update: 21-Feb-2005 15:00:59 Hits: 7081 Rating: 4.92 (13 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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jahc Popular
Description: I have no idea who Arana is except that shes a Marvel comic book character, but its quite a nice vibrant backdrop.

Kens-icons used here.

Workbench titlebar colour altered slightly.

Submitter:  jahc - More Photos from jahc  
Last Update: 22-Feb-2005 3:23:34 Hits: 4000 Rating: 4.40 (5 votes)
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DosBox Running On Os4 Popular
Description: Dosbox For os4.

Not Released yet as its never been finalized.

Submitter:  Toaks - More Photos from Toaks  
Last Update: 22-Feb-2005 13:27:04 Hits: 5602 Rating: 4.00 (7 votes)Comments: 7 posts
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A1 XE Popular
Description: Nearly a screenshot but just had to do it...
This is the pic from SakuNet and from my dealer.
(Hope it does'nt matter Boogie/GE!!)
The tower is really big and fits a lot. Paint some cd drives and screens black now?
Black is beautifull. The screen look is obviously different today. A beauty.

Submitter:  PR - More Photos from PR  
Last Update: 23-Feb-2005 2:51:46 Hits: 6962 Rating: 6.29 (7 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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My WB Popular
Description: Shows the main things I'm using my A1 for at the moment - music, videos, thanks to the grand efforts of AFXGroup, Amigaworld browsing :-) Largely uncustomised WB, but then the shots of the default look are what first reignited my interest in Amiga...few tweeks here and there though of course to taste. Very nice Glow Revolution icons in use here too 8-) So far greatly enjoying my new miggy.

Submitter:  Jamie_S - More Photos from Jamie_S  
Last Update: 25-Feb-2005 19:22:17 Hits: 4333 Rating: 6.50 (6 votes)Comments: 2 posts
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Spectrum Mania Popular
Description: A retro moment here, take one spectrum emulator, make it run
an average to poor game ( TinTin on the moon ) and watch C64 owners
blub with envy at the non blocky display!

Oh and its faster than TinTin on the Moon C64 too!

Submitter:   - More Photos from   
Last Update: 26-Feb-2005 10:59:27 Hits: 6343 Rating: 6.40 (5 votes)Comments: 36 posts
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WebWriting Popular
Description: Writing webpages with GoldED and viewing in Ibrowse. I used this method on the A3000 and find it great to use on the A1
John Paul

Submitter:  cope - More Photos from cope  
Last Update: 14-Mar-2005 0:50:00 Hits: 3703
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OS4 Desktop... Popular
Description: I've customized my workbench a little bit and this is the result.

Submitter:  Ayalo - More Photos from Ayalo  
Last Update: 16-Mar-2005 2:34:35 Hits: 17630 Rating: 7.58 (12 votes)Comments: 10 posts
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First picture of PublicPaint 0.9.6 Popular
Description: First picture of publicpaint on OS4.0

Submitter:  NutsAboutAmiga - More Photos from NutsAboutAmiga  
Last Update: 19-Mar-2005 21:43:39 Hits: 4213 Rating: 8.00 (2 votes)
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My WB Popular
Description: My WB

Submitter:  Tomppeli - More Photos from Tomppeli  
Last Update: 23-Mar-2005 16:01:43 Hits: 3907 Rating: 7.67 (3 votes)
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SZAMAN AmigaOS 4 Popular
Description: IB2.3, WookieChat, WarpSNES and AmiGG (polish communicator - on my micro Amiga One

Submitter:  SZAMAN - More Photos from SZAMAN  
Last Update: 24-Mar-2005 1:30:26 Hits: 5353 Rating: 7.71 (7 votes)

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