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AMIGA Popular
Description: Amiga

Submitter:  Agnus - More Photos from Agnus  
Last Update: 1-Mar-2011 3:45:03 Hits: 1363 Rating: 4.50 (2 votes)
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Amiga 3000 Popular
Description: Amiga 3000 Re-rendered

Submitter:  Agnus - More Photos from Agnus  
Last Update: 18-Jan-2010 12:11:15 Hits: 1981 Rating: 8.33 (3 votes)
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Amiga skull chewing on Microsoft Popular
Description: Got really bored, and daydreamed about putting my 1200 in a tower case one day, then wondered what I would airbrush onto it if/when I get one. I used Ibrowse and google image search to grab the skull, along with the Amiga and Microsoft logos/banners. Then used ArtPro to resize the logo images and convert everything to IFF, and finally went into Deluxe Paint IV, and colored everything in. The Circuit board that is supposed to be covering the skull actually came from the documentation included on a cd-rom for a video game. (Star Craft, I believe) It didn't turn out very well at this res, so it just looks green. After saving the final IFF file, I loaded it into Ppaint, and exported it to a .png file, where I then uploaded it here with Ibrowse. Might make a good tattoo for the incredibly geeky.

Submitter:  kvasir - More Photos from kvasir  
Last Update: 21-Jul-2008 3:52:12 Hits: 1769
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AW Saviour Popular
Description: This is a little image I knocked up in 2002 using Photogenics 5.

Seeing as nobody has submitted anything for the mousemats yet, I decided to upload this.

Submitter:  _Steve_ - More Photos from _Steve_  
Last Update: 16-Apr-2007 0:14:59 Hits: 6114 Rating: 7.00 (7 votes)Comments: 6 posts
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I Popular
Description: Hello, I'm Amiga!!!1

Submitter:  marko - More Photos from marko  
Last Update: 5-Aug-2015 20:04:07 Hits: 1484
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Only Amiga Popular
Description: Back in time...

Submitter:  Agnus - More Photos from Agnus  
Last Update: 25-Dec-2014 4:04:32 Hits: 1076
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Only Amiga Orange... Popular
Description: Back to the future...

Submitter:  Agnus - More Photos from Agnus  
Last Update: 25-Dec-2014 4:04:19 Hits: 1089
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Proper way to decorate your Amiga at Christmas! Popular
Description: Old one but just in case. Christmas is coming very soon :)

Submitter:   - More Photos from   
Last Update: 15-Jul-2014 21:04:48 Hits: 1023
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Robo scene Popular
Description: Once again, the Robo scene of Sculpt-3D


Submitter:  Agnus - More Photos from Agnus  
Last Update: 30-May-2009 19:45:01 Hits: 1754 Rating: 6.50 (2 votes)
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Sculpt-Animate 4D Popular
Description: Sculpt-Animate 4D. Byte by Byte Corporation.

Submitter:  Agnus - More Photos from Agnus  
Last Update: 21-Jan-2015 19:56:43 Hits: 1378 Rating: 10.00 (2 votes)
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