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AmigaOS4 in the Alps Popular
Description: I took this photo while on holiday in Alpbach, Austria. I decided it would make an excellent Workbench backdrop.

Submitter:  amipal - More Photos from amipal  
Last Update: 17-Jul-2007 15:48:04 Hits: 1847
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AmigaOS4 with 2 DvPlayer windows Popular
Description: This screengrab shows how DvPlayer will open its first window using overlay, but then force itself to normal triple buffer rendering on subsequent openings.

Submitter:  amipal - More Photos from amipal  
Last Update: 24-Jul-2007 22:17:31 Hits: 1855
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Amipal Popular
Description: I decided to get rid of the cluttered mini-docks which filled the bottom of my screen, replacing it with a sub-dock-based "Launch" dock instead.

The backdrop is from the Cassini probe around Saturn. It shows sunlight filtering through the rings and onto one of Saturn's moons, Mimas.

Submitter:  amipal - More Photos from amipal  
Last Update: 5-Dec-2004 21:06:11 Hits: 4703 Rating: 7.29 (7 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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Dvplayer on AmigaOS4 - LotR Popular
Description: Playing Lord of the Rings: The Followship of the Ring, using Dvplayer and the libdvdcss-based DVD plugin.

Submitter:  amipal - More Photos from amipal  
Last Update: 13-Sep-2006 17:20:26 Hits: 2594 Rating: 5.00 (1 vote)
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Origyn Web Browser on AmigaOS4 Popular
Description: Been a while since I contributed a screenshot, so here's the wonderful OWB (v1.11 shown).

Submitter:  amipal - More Photos from amipal  
Last Update: 5-Mar-2008 22:03:25 Hits: 1820
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PlayStation emulation Popular
Description: Just a quick grab of my OS4 pre-release with update running AmiDog's amazing FPSE PS1 emulator.

Submitter:  amipal - More Photos from amipal  
Last Update: 1-Nov-2004 23:35:00 Hits: 12970 Rating: 7.43 (7 votes)Comments: 5 posts
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rebol under OS4 Popular
Description: A recent thread prompted me to try out the AmigaOS 68k version of this excellent scripting language.
I've only just installed the GUI version, but it seems to run quite smoothly.

Submitter:  amipal - More Photos from amipal  
Last Update: 31-Mar-2005 23:46:33 Hits: 3883 Rating: 8.50 (2 votes)
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