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Re: In continuance of the AROS wanted by BBRV thread...
Posted on 8-Apr-2005 19:59:17
#121 ]
Super Member
Joined: 29-Mar-2004
Posts: 1812
From: a place & time long long ago, when things mattered.


Actually, that picture is quite revealing. Look at BB's expression, he's bursting at the seams. It's quite a direct look at the very thing that has everyone polarized for or against him: his supersize, dont-hold-the-fries ego.

you had to make me look at his pic again

Homeland security working at its best.

"The system no longer works " -- Young Anakin Skywalker

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Re: In continuance of the AROS wanted by BBRV thread...
Posted on 8-Apr-2005 20:16:45
#122 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 18-Oct-2004
Posts: 860
From: Amiga Land


So do I need to bother to work out of that implied insult applies to me or not?
no implied insult to you. You have never done anything to me or anyone I know to warrent that.

There's very few people posting here that I actively dislike. I've made it public that I even really like KennyR and Magnetic! (well, I know magnetic from the local amiga group so, that adds a different dimension to my knowledge).
Differences of opinion are not the issue for me.

and let me once again state: I have NEVER used the term "Genesi" when what I mean is "BBRV".

I believe this is why my posts are not considered some sort of "abuse". And, let's face it, sending someone a rubber check and insulting them in public or private is the REAL abuse here. Not my mentioning it.

and whining that I'm guilty of "constant repetition" doesn't really work too well when you consider that I joined AW on October 2004 (well after the red vs blue wars were over) and I really don't mention this issue much at all. Believe me, I could say alot more. I just don't for all sorts of reasons. Mostly just protecting people.

Most of my time is spent doing something useful. Including helping some MOS programmers with a little artistic help. I love that kind of collaboration. I don't do it for fame, money, or accolades.
It's just fun. Right now Amiga (in all it's flavors) is a hobby computer and if it isn't fun, what IS the point?

I'm still having fun. But I won't let someone come along and use my fellow amiga users.

And I'm glad that BBRV haven't done anything horrible to you. Consider yourself lucky!

I think this thread is good for people to vent their feelings. It's part of healing and we do need to heal. I know I've healed over the last year. And being reminded of a bad situation and unethical behavior should not be considered "reopening" any wounds. It should be considered a way to grow a callus.
When I was learning to play the cello I developed callus's on my fingertips because your body makes some extra padding there. otherwise it just hurts to hold down those strings. And if you keep practicing, you get bigger callus's and play better.

this isn't a bad thing.

"In terms of worship, I worship the God of Irony.
That's the only God that I know exists." Terry Gilliam

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Re: In continuance of the AROS wanted by BBRV thread...
Posted on 8-Apr-2005 20:35:40
# ]



The point of a truce is to stop living the past and come into the present.

No matter how bad anyone was, we aren't talking about then anymore. We've done it to death. You may very well have a valid point or you might not. It doesn't have any significance if nobody is listening to you because they are fed up hearing it.

Stop... Have a cup of tea. Breath in deeply hold for 4 seconds and mouth the letter "o" as you exhale. Feel better? Good. Keep that feeling and don't go back to "the other place". Time has moved on and whatever the nasty thought you were exicting your tummy's acidic with is no longer relevant. He's gone.

And if you would be so kind asto mail me a picture of you exhaling as described, I would be thankful. In a bikini or your underwear.... Or in nurses clothes...

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