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Re: Upgrade questions on my new Amiga 1200
Posted on 28-Mar-2017 1:59:27
#21 ]
Joined: 21-Mar-2017
Posts: 27
From: Unknown


I found my answer about the power supply. BTW, Amiga
European outlets output at 220v, while our American outlets output at 110v. You’re going to need a power inverter to get this machine turned on. Unfortunately, places like fry’s tend to only stock plug converters, which simply change the size and shape of the plug. Do NOT use these – they’re cheap and will MELT within hours. They’re extremely dangerous and you’re better off just lighting your $20 on fire, as its safer. This is recommended instead:

Commodore Amiga: A Beginner’s Guide
Commodore Amiga's Guide

BTW, I create an account at but the admins will not give me permission to post. I emailed them last week.

StylinLP38, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

Also, I remember I have this old RGB 120p Universal Analog/ECL Computer Interface that I used to use with my Electrohome Marquee 8500 CRT Projector. I wonder how useful this is with a old CRT monitor that only goes down to 30hz.

RGB 120p Universal Analog/ECL Computer Interface

Extron RGB 120p

Last edited by StylinLP38 on 28-Mar-2017 at 02:20 AM.

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