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Presenting The Maestrix 2: Reloaded on PowerPC!
Posted on 26-Nov-2021 1:03:41
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Elite Member
Joined: 6-May-2007
Posts: 10305
From: Greensborough, Australia

Presenting The Maestrix 2: Reloaded

Hello everyone!

The Maestrix is back again making sounds and this time with a sequel.


The Maestrix Reloaded on PowerPC! A PowerPC native version of The Maestrix.
For both AmigaOS4 and MorphOS.

Describing The Maestrix:

A MaestroPro Maestix driver simulator that redirects audio to AHI to allow
applications with MaestroPro support to work over AHI.

New features in version 2 release of The Maestrix: Reloaded

* Reloaded on PowerPC with PowerPC native versions for AmigaOS4 and MorphOS.

* Includes OctaMEDIC. Coming to the rescue for MorphOS. It will heal OctaMED.

* Support for extended data mono audio streams.

* Fixed rare bug that left library in memory on fail.

* New multi platform installer.

* A new icon!

Reloading The Maestrix:

It's been less than a year since the last release of The Maestrix and now there is a sequel! This builds on all the work of the original and provides a PowerPC version of The Maestrix. Not only for AmigaOS4 but MorphOS as well. The theme continues with The Maestrix 2 being reloaded on PowerPC and now supporting a trilogy of Amiga platforms with 68K, OS4 and MOS. It is the most stable and optimised release yet.

To coincide with multi-platform support there is also a new installer. The new installer is intelligent, not only in design, but also in function by determining your platform and how to install files. Even though The Maestrix works as a simple commodity the installer gives you a choice of how you want to install it. You can install it into WBStartup in the classic way and place the guide elsewhere, or you can install all files to one place to keep it organised. In this case it will also give you the option of activating it in WBStartup. It will then be neatly linked into WBStartup and the icon updated with any tooltypes preserved. It also determines if you have a classic WBStartup drawer or a newer WBStartup manager and will automatically activate it in either setup. Not only this, but it will also launch The Maestrix when installation is finished, if you would like that option!

In addition, I also investigated what prevented OctaMED from working on MorphOS. With a PowerPC version in the works it made sense that MorphOS users could also benefit. It wasn't trivial to port The Maestrix to AmigaOS4 as it required some manual work given the 68K version uses assembly. But I found that MorphOS works very similar to how AmigaOS4 does in the way The Maestrix needed to jump from 68K code to native code on PowerPC. And so put in the extra effort for MorphOS as well. This left OctaMED which would freeze on MorphOS. Well I couldn't put that one down either so spent some time tracing the issue in a 68K debugger. As usually happens, it was a lot of time and testing, in order to find a small piece of information that had big consequences. In this case it was one simple instruction that brought the whole system down. Once aimed with this knowledge I set about to repair the situation and was happy with the end result, which is OctaMEDIC, to heal OctaMED. This is no simple patch though, as the final OctaMED can be a standard binary or a compressed binary, which complicates any patch routines. However, as it happens three variants are supported, with more info in the OctaMEDIC readme.

So is that it for The Maestrix? Or will the story continue the theme into a trilogy? I might just leave that one hanging there. After all. The Maestrix is designed to be a device driver, not a plot device.

Downloading The Maestrix: Reloaded

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Re: Presenting The Maestrix 2: Reloaded on PowerPC!
Posted on 26-Nov-2021 17:22:40
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Elite Member
Joined: 9-Jun-2004
Posts: 11916
From: Norway


good work

Facebook::LiveForIt Software for AmigaOS

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Re: Presenting The Maestrix 2: Reloaded on PowerPC!
Posted on 26-Nov-2021 19:15:59
#3 ]
Super Member
Joined: 3-Mar-2010
Posts: 1869
From: Waterbury, Connecticut (USA)


Outstanding! I can't wait to give this a spin with SoundStudio on the A1222 later. Thanks for your hard work!

-- eliyahu

Multicore support is still a priority

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Re: Presenting The Maestrix 2: Reloaded on PowerPC!
Posted on 27-Nov-2021 12:02:49
#4 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 20-Mar-2005
Posts: 209
From: No (R) Way


This is cool stuff, will test out on Morphos!

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Re: Presenting The Maestrix 2: Reloaded on PowerPC!
Posted on 27-Nov-2021 12:34:32
#5 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 25-Sep-2004
Posts: 122

Guauuuu! Playing OctaMED in MorphOS....Waht a pleasure!
Thanks so much!

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Re: Presenting The Maestrix 2: Reloaded on PowerPC!
Posted on 28-Nov-2021 8:12:37
#6 ]
Super Member
Joined: 24-Apr-2003
Posts: 1048
From: Unknown


Awesome stuff!


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Re: Presenting The Maestrix 2: Reloaded on PowerPC!
Posted on 28-Nov-2021 9:07:45
#7 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 23-Aug-2015
Posts: 357
From: Unknown


It is awesome !!!
After so many years, I may try Octamed again.

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