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Need help with PCMCIA network card(s)
Posted on 24-Dec-2009 21:16:48
#1 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 23-Mar-2004
Posts: 433
From: Istanbul

Now I have two different PCMCIA network cards and cables but I still can't use them.

Zonet ZEN1010/11 : this one uses cnet.device (and it was used on an A1200 before)

3Com Etherlink III For 10BASE-T and Coax 3C589D : This one uses 3c589.device

I have two different cables:

CableA: LinkSYS with three little lights named Act, 10/100, Link
CableB:Cable with no name on it with two lights.

and here's what happens:

Scenario1: Etherlink with CableA: No lights are ever lit on the cable, modem light is lit when I try to go online

Scenario2: Etherlink with CableB: One light lits when card is connected, the other starts flashing when I try to go online but the light on the modem stays dimmed.

Scenario3: Zonet with CableA: The 10/100 light is lit dimly as soon as card is inserted no sign of light on the modem.

Scenario4: Zonet with CableB: No sign of light on the cable ever but modem light is on as soon as card is inserted.

I can't ping the modem. Any ideas?

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Re: Need help with PCMCIA network card(s)
Posted on 25-Dec-2009 7:40:22
#2 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 26-Jul-2004
Posts: 189
From: Wisconsin, USA


I use a 3com myself, with the second 1200 I had to aquire after my daughter decided to like Superfrog. (And with my main 1200, before I put her in a tower w/ a mediator) I have a cable similar to the ones you have, only they're white(ish), with 3com's logo on them. The LED's on mine indicate a 10 or 100 mbps connection, so I think those cables work only with a 10/100mbps adapter. (I know the wiring is subtly different, I'd have to check to be sure, though.) The Amiga can't use 100mbps cards with the PCMCIA port, as C= decided to make it a 16bit bus instead of 32. The working cable I have ends in a male rj-45, as opposed to the female connector, and has a green LED on the top, card-side of the plug. (When plugged into the Amiga's PCMCIA port)

^--- This cable works fine with the 1200/600 and the 3com card you have.
As for finding these things, sometimes you get lucky on the bay, and they usually sell for a couple of dollars (US). I got one card+cable this way, another 2 cards and 1 cable I found in a St. Vincents thrift shop of all places. (Actually, I have a whole slew of stuff plugged into my Amigas that I've aquired at St. Vinnies, Goodwill, rummage sales, or gutted out of computers ppl left on the curb. :D)

Found some more info, This page has pinouts for 3com dongles. Also links to This site which sells the cable you need for the 3com card. (The page links to the 10/100Mbps cable which won't work, the previous link is for the 10-base cable which will work) was surprisingly useless this time....

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Re: Need help with PCMCIA network card(s)
Posted on 27-Dec-2009 12:49:37
#3 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 5-May-2003
Posts: 3028
From: Westhall, UK

I went wireless. Just as easy, see:

Amiga A1200, 3.1 ROMs, Blizzard 1230 MKIV 64MB & FPU, 4GB DoM SSD, Workbench 3.1

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Re: Need help with PCMCIA network card(s)
Posted on 27-Dec-2009 12:56:40
#4 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 28-Apr-2006
Posts: 401
From: Thessaloniki Greece

but which is the OS you are using, and the tcp/ip stack?

A3040 AmigaOS3.9
A1200 060/BPPC AmigaOS3.9/4.0
Sam440ep AmigaOS4.1.2
Pegasos2/G3 AmigaOS4.1.2/Morphos2.7/Debian6.0/OpenSuse11.1
MacMini/G4 1.5 MorphOS 2.7/OSX 10.5.8

Long Live Amiga

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Re: Need help with PCMCIA network card(s)
Posted on 2-Jan-2010 2:11:13
#5 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 23-Mar-2004
Posts: 433
From: Istanbul

Thx everyone. I got another 3com card with the original cable and it's working now. :) It turned out the card won't work with other cables.

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