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128 and 256MB RAM
Posted on 11-Jan-2017 21:15:19
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 5-May-2003
Posts: 2926
From: Westhall, UK

Bit of a weird possibly silly question but I have recently purchased a 128MB SIMM to replace my 32MB on my Blizzard 030 board. Now I know if I was running OS4/PPC/Morphos/Next-gen setup but what could I possibly run that requires more than say 32-64MB Fast Ram on an 000 thru 060 (M68K) system.

I don't require the scsi board but if I had one I could then have 256MB by adding another 128MB SIMM in the slot the board provides for. Again, what could I possibly run that needs more than 128mb?

Are some 3d rendering tools like lightwave as memory hungry as they are cpu? Any demos needing mega ram? I am running no graphics card just plain old AGA. Apart from loading up lots of WB apps, what single program would I use all (or run out of) 128MB?

Amiga A1200, 3.1 ROMs, Blizzard 1220/4 with FPU, 4GB KingSpec DoM SSD, Workbench 3.1

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Re: 128 and 256MB RAM
Posted on 11-Jan-2017 21:50:53
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 10-Jul-2005
Posts: 8644
From: Unknown


1) Preload option in WHDLoad for some bigger games.

2) Really big pictures. However these will take ages to load on 68030.

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Re: 128 and 256MB RAM
Posted on 11-Jan-2017 23:41:38
#3 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 31-Jan-2005
Posts: 805
From: Budapest, Hungary

There's no real advantage of using more than 128MB with a Blizzard 030, except the coolness factor of having 200+MB of free memory all the time... Remember, these cards have roughly 25-30MB/sec of memory bandwidth, so simply filling up 256MB RAM takes about 10 seconds on them... Loading that much data from the IDE drive takes almost two minutes... It's really not getting any faster.

And in fact, it's getting slower, because if I'm correct, with a Blizzard 1230/IV, when using the SCSI Kit RAM slot, one should set the 70ns RAM jumper, to slow down RAM access, otherwise the card is not guaranteed to be stable.

The card also runs a lot cooler without the SCSI piggybacked on it. So if you don't need SCSI peripherals, better avoid it.

PegasosII/G4 : Efika : A2000/060/PIV : A1200/060 : and more
"Strip the Amiga community of speculation and we can fit every forum on a 720k floppy." (by resle)

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Re: 128 and 256MB RAM
Posted on 11-Jan-2017 23:49:06
#4 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 19-Aug-2003
Posts: 2712
From: Gloucestershire UK


Most 3d rendering programs will be fine, things that might use all your ram are paint programs and manipulators, especially 24bit ones eg.:

Art Effect
FX Paint
Perfect Paint

etc. where you can have many large 24bit images stored in ram but 128mb should be enough for jyst about anything your 030 is actually fast enough to do. I had 128mb in my A4000/060 and very rarely ran out of ram, when I did it was usually from running 2 or 3 of the above programs at once with a cluttered ramdisk. but that was many years ago, I suspect that now the biggest problem would be things like IBrowse decoding all the images on the massive web pages you get now in t:

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Re: 128 and 256MB RAM
Posted on 12-Jan-2017 0:38:39
#5 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 5-May-2003
Posts: 2926
From: Westhall, UK

Thanks all for your answers. I have definitely owned one 68060 Blizzard, possibly 2 I can't recall. Kick myself for selling it/them but the 030 is probably most "compatible" but with a big performance kick over the stock A1200. I only purchased the RAM as it was 30 on eBay, including postage. I wonder how much 120MB of 60ns RAM was when it first came out?!

Amiga A1200, 3.1 ROMs, Blizzard 1220/4 with FPU, 4GB KingSpec DoM SSD, Workbench 3.1

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Re: 128 and 256MB RAM
Posted on 12-Jan-2017 1:37:37
#6 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 21-Aug-2003
Posts: 831
From: Trondheim, Norway


With 256MB you can work on an animation twice as long as if you only had 128MB. It has little to do with the programs you use, and a lot to do with the data you want to use them with.


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