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Re: OS revenue/development possibilities
Posted on 6-Feb-2018 16:05:32
#21 ]
Super Member
Joined: 29-Mar-2004
Posts: 1824
From: Australia


By the way, has the irony of the name "The Enforcer" packs hit anyone else yet?

Coincidence, or mocking the community not thinking we'll realize?
I wish I could say for sure, but given the ridicule we've been endured to I wouldn't dismiss it.

Last edited by fishy_fis on 06-Feb-2018 at 04:06 PM.

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Re: OS revenue/development possibilities
Posted on 6-Feb-2018 17:56:59
#22 ]
Joined: 1-Feb-2018
Posts: 35
From: Unknown


It *is* a mess and will only get worse and worse.

That depends, right?

There's os4 users, os4.1 users, 4.1 users who have just update 1, just update2, just update3, just update4, just update5, just update6, just update7, and 4.1fe update.
Along with that there's the enforcer packs which some may or may not use, and may be used in association with any one of the 8 or so os4 variations (or not).

That's an important reason why offering a consolidated update as the new baseline - and offering it for a donation rather than for sale - makes sense: get everyone on the same page.


On top of this a subscription model wont suit a lot of people and many just wont use it. Some will sometimes. Some always will. Again in makes so many variations on what the OS is that it'll more or less be luck of the draw as to what works on any particular machine.

And that's why a (perhaps annual) subscription could be offered as an alternative to intermediate releases - such releases would, typically, serve to address issues rather than effect potentially problematic updates - major releases would serve to offer significant new features. Users can decide whether a given update is worth the asking price, or rather to wait for a subsequent offering.

Things are in a bad way, sure - but things can improve.

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Re: OS revenue/development possibilities
Posted on 6-Feb-2018 18:04:50
#23 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 5-Oct-2003
Posts: 723
From: Hattiesburg, MS


So much ego involved that I can't help think of the Amiga as Mormon's and hyperion/a-eon/amikit as the Americans.
Absolutely nothing to do with the history, but god damn they're sure gonna do their best to insert themselves into the stories,..... kinda pathetic actually, like begging "please believe me, I really, really want to be relevant"

I'm not Mormon, but that's a curious characterization of them. It certainly doesn't agree with my experience.

Besides, if you live anywhere in Idaho, Utah, or Arizona, they are very relevant, and not pathetic at all.


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