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Current and Past Amiga CD based games
Posted on 18-Aug-2019 5:58:46
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Regular Member
Joined: 8-May-2007
Posts: 309
From: USA, The World Police

Hey all,

Was just curious if all software that was released on CD/DVD for Amiga Classics and Amiga CD32 would play automatically, or with some sort of tweeks, on my AmigaOne X5000. Thanks.


Amiga 1200 - ACA 1233 68030 128MB Ram
8GB CF With tons of Classics

AmigaOne X5000

"That which doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger" - Someone important, but I forgot who

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Re: Current and Past Amiga CD based games
Posted on 18-Aug-2019 8:09:06
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Elite Member
Joined: 10-Jul-2005
Posts: 9102
From: Unknown


Most CD32 games will require E-UAE (RunInUAE has some CD32 related config I think). Few newer games may run directly.

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Re: Current and Past Amiga CD based games
Posted on 18-Aug-2019 12:14:13
#3 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 11-Apr-2005
Posts: 694
From: .fi


If a game supports graphics cards (RTG) and AHI, then chances are higher that it'll work. CD32 games aren't like this, but later games for accelerated Amigas usually are.

To name few that I play on MorphOS (should also work on OS4 then): Software Tycoon, Descent: Freespace, Earth 2140 (with AHI update), Myst, Nightlong (may have some graphical glitches), Wipeout 2097, Payback...

- The wiki based MorphOS Library - Your starting point for MorphOS
- Software made by jPV^RNO

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Re: Current and Past Amiga CD based games
Posted on 18-Aug-2019 23:38:23
#4 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 20-Mar-2003
Posts: 5903
From: S.Wales


WarpOS games such as Wipeout 2097 won't run out of the box but you may have success with these libraries.

There is however ReWarp and ReWarp3DPPC though I don't know how compatible they are.

For the WarpOS side you need an Radeon SI card and the Warp3D driver from Amistore. It's a separate purchase and not to be confused with Warp3D Nova that comes ad part of the Enhancer package.

A RTG few games use the GUIGFX API, the package will usually included with the game but you will need the updated library for OS4.

One games that uses GUIGFX is Napalm but you need to patch the binary to get it to run on OS/. The patch can be found here. It runs crazy fast but you may be able to slow it down by running something else CPU intensive in the background.

There are a couple patches that may help certain software with varying degrees of success. Don't expect them to magically make everything to work but they always worth a try.

NallePuh redirects Paula audio to AHI.

CIAgent is minimal emulation of the CIA chips in the original hardware.

Blitzen implements some of the functionality of the Amiga blitter.

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