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Increase MUI stack size (OS3.9 - MUI5.0)
Posted on 10-Nov-2019 14:01:46
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Regular Member
Joined: 13-Feb-2005
Posts: 197
From: United Kingdom

I've been trying to figure this out but to no avail. A number of MUI apps report that the stack size for MUI is to small (

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Re: Increase MUI stack size (OS3.9 - MUI5.0)
Posted on 10-Nov-2019 17:48:59
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Regular Member
Joined: 21-Dec-2003
Posts: 106
From: Oregon


have you tried to increase the stack size ?
from the icon info file
or "Stack #"

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Re: Increase MUI stack size (OS3.9 - MUI5.0)
Posted on 10-Nov-2019 20:38:36
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Regular Member
Joined: 7-Oct-2004
Posts: 274
From: Rehmerloh, Germany


To be on the safe side for all programs (not just MUI applications) use a tool like StackAttack. Unfortunatly Aminet seems to be down right now, so I cannot provide a link.

The point is that it is impossible the predict the real minimum stack usage of an application. But on the other hand a stack overflow of just a single byte can be lethal for other applications while it goes by absolutely unnoticed by the causing application. That's why it is absolutely necessary to ensure a large enough stack for b]any[/b] application. And MUI puts lots of volatile data on the stack. 8K might have been enough for MUI 3.8, but MUI simply demands more. That's why I raised the minimum requirement to 32K. And even the warning about these 32K might come too late, because the check is done when the MUI Application is created. If a stack overflow has happened before already due to the typical nested object creation the warning might be raised and the harm has been been done already.

To make it short: AmigaOS cannot automatically enlarge the stack, so it is up to you to provide enough stack size to avoid unwanted and unpredictable havoc.[

Why stop it now, just when I am hating it?

Thore Böckelmann

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