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TuneCore copyrighting music on behalf of Amiga?!
Posted on 27-Jun-2020 13:18:32
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Just notice that on one of my video Amiga music that was playing, Cannon Fodder, was copyrighted claimed by TuneCore on behalf of Amiga.

You can see in this video and look at the details:

Now I personal dont mind this kind of copyright, I get it that works made by another company/artist should get paid for there work, specially if there the original artist. I like this system better than denying people from sharing music/videos altogether.

I had old Amiga advert video flagged and taken down due to me not owing the copyright, I kinda of get it, (but at the same time the original company that made them, produce them and paid for them is gone), but again Cloanto are the legal holders and are in full rights to either allow or disallow the video and to there credit they have allowed other videos to remain online.

However Cannon Fodder was a Sensible Software production and as far as I know Codemasters now owns the rights to Cannon Fodder? so what is going on here?
Is someone claiming to be Amiga and copyrighting only Amiga music? Has Cloanto/Amiga bought rights to old Amiga music or full games? anyone else notice other Amiga tracks being copyrighted?

Whats your thoughts?

Last edited by amigang on 27-Jun-2020 at 01:21 PM.

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Re: TuneCore copyrighting music on behalf of Amiga?!
Posted on 27-Jun-2020 16:03:38
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Joined: 18-Oct-2002
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From: UK


The problem I can see here is that TuneCore work on behalf of Artists, but that tune has been claimed by Amiga - "Amiga" never owned the original music or the game itself.

The tune originally composed by Richard Joseph on behalf of Sensible Software. The copyright for the music would lie with them unless the IP was sold on to another entity.

But given no company "Amiga" owns the Sensible Software IPs (as far as I am aware), they have no rights to claim the tune in that manner.

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Re: TuneCore copyrighting music on behalf of Amiga?!
Posted on 28-Jun-2020 23:10:53
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Joined: 28-Oct-2009
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From: Unknown


I think they are just claiming all music they think they might own. Check out the wiki

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