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Blizzard 1260 and OS 3.2 - won't boot unless setpatch is run with nocache
Posted on 14-Oct-2021 5:06:20
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Regular Member
Joined: 23-Mar-2005
Posts: 421
From: San Francisco

Hi All,

I've been working on my Amiga 1200 to get ready for AmiWest and I've found a problem. The machine has a Blizzard 1260 from Phase 5. When I first installed OS 3.2 I used the MMUlibs included with the distribution. I bounced the card between UAE and the physical system and found the CF would boot UAE no problem, but commands like "assign" would crash on the A1200. Using the, and amazing trace startup, I found if I did not run "setpatch" I could get the machine to boot. Eventually, I found if I used "setpatch nocache" the machine would boot and operate normally.

Recently I've been running sysinfo4 and found the performance was below what I expected. I found I could enable "dcache" and get the performance in line with what I thought it should be. Problem is any app I run after I enable datacache with CPU or via sysinfo4 crashes again. If I leave datacache off apps run fine, but slower.

In tackling this problem I've read the Os 3.2 CPU FAQ, done searching, and ended up installing nearly every 68060 lib I could find, currently running 46.15 from 10/05/01. I've also removed the MMULibs from libs:. The system was installed from the OS3.2 CD with the MaxXfer set to 0x1fe00.

The machine has a few items in it currently: Indivision MK2, Fast-ATA MK V, and rapidroad.

Wanted to share this situation to see if anyone had thoughts on what I'm doing wrong.

Bill "tekmage" Borsari

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Re: Blizzard 1260 and OS 3.2 - won't boot unless setpatch is run with nocache
Posted on 16-Oct-2021 12:02:52
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New Member
Joined: 14-Oct-2021
Posts: 1
From: Unknown


Hello, kinda wanted to say something here since i have a A1200 and Blizzard 060 (although towered system) and i also recently updated to OS3.2.
I did the install "the hard way" and just updated my existing system with new files manually and to get the OS3.2 kickstart installed i dissected it with Remus and then let BlizKick do its magic with large enough EXTRESBUF.
So i kept my old startup-sequence too which is heavily modified (for my system) and works well.

In the s-s after Blizkick, PatchControl and StackAttack i then run
and after that some normal stuff like env-handler,CopyMemAIO and then comes assigns etc.

Cpu060 (rom phase5 package) informs that i do have caches enabled after booting.
System: 68060MC Mask 0-1f43G,2f43G-0g65V Revision 1
(INST: Cache Burst) (DATA: Cache Burst) (BRANCH: Cache)
(Superscalar) (WriteBuffer) (Store/Load Bypass disabled)

Register: CACR=$A0808000 PCR=$04300121 BUSCR=$00000000

Using newer mmulibs so there's no harm at least from that compared to your system.
mmu.library 46.19 (2020-07-04)
68060.library 46.4 (2018-05-30)

Thinking of what to suggest, but i think i'd need more information. Guessing you have the kickstart installed straight to the motherboard? It will speed up things considerably if you'd use Blizkick to relocate rom to fastram.
What kind of performance you get now with Sysinfo? Was it worse with newer mmulibs?

I hope we can start sorting this out from here :)

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