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STAMIGA: The Flame Wars (only few days left)
Posted on 9-Mar-2023 11:43:49
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Cult Member
Joined: 11-Apr-2005
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From: .fi

A new book about the war between Amiga and Atari ST still needs some backers:

It's a cooperation project by Microzeit (Crackers books) and Editions64k (Amiga demoscene books).

- The wiki based MorphOS Library - Your starting point for MorphOS
- Software made by jPV^RNO

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Re: STAMIGA: The Flame Wars (only few days left)
Posted on 11-Mar-2023 20:46:56
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From: UK


It hasn't got too much further to go to be funded (I think it was a few hundred pounds short at the moment), but down to the last 30 or so hours.

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Re: STAMIGA: The Flame Wars (only few days left)
Posted on 11-Mar-2023 21:13:41
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From: Figueira da Foz - Portugal


May the wars begin!

Indigo 3D Lounge, my second home.
The Illusion of Choice | Am*ga

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Re: STAMIGA: The Flame Wars (only few days left)
Posted on 11-Mar-2023 23:12:59
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Joined: 11-Aug-2005
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From: UK


STAMIGA asks: What lessons were learned after the end of the 16-bit war?

Don't lose sight of who the REAL competition is! The ST AND Amiga market COMBINED may have competed against the PC and possibly eliminated the Mac. By fighting each other they destroyed each other and standardised games to the lowest common denominator i.e. the Atari ST for 4 years! The ST served the music production niche and the Amiga the Video Production niche but neither was big enough to sustain even one platform on their own! Weakened C= without Tramiel bought and birthed the fully envisioned Amiga but also forced the creation of its counterpoint in Tramiel's ST!

It's a fun timeline we lived in which the Amiga existed but only because C= was dying and self destructive with no clear follow up the C64! Ironically, the Atari 520ST was a better widget to replace the C64 than the Amiga 1000 was!

The Amiga SHOULD have been a fully blown computer platform from the start but since it was actually birthed out of a super console (with computer upgradability for scalability but no requirement for MMU etc) idea and it really only solidly manifested into Jay's idealised computer due to the North American Video Game Crash and a pivot by Amiga Corp to survive!

Last edited by BigD on 11-Mar-2023 at 11:16 PM.

"Art challenges technology. Technology inspires the art."
John Lasseter, Co-Founder of Pixar Animation Studios

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