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Development of next AROS 32-bit release
Posted on 1-Nov-2023 10:58:54
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Regular Member
Joined: 4-Nov-2008
Posts: 440
From: Unknown

Hi All,

Integration work on next AROS 32-bit release (the core system) has started. If you have a compatible hardware running previous version of AROS I encourage you to take part in tests so that bugs and regressions can be spotted and fixed.

More in this thread:


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Re: Development of next AROS 32-bit release
Posted on 3-Nov-2023 12:42:03
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Regular Member
Joined: 4-Nov-2008
Posts: 440
From: Unknown


Below you can find change log for this release. If you find something you want to test, check this post for download url You can report issues in thread on or in this thread.


AROS ABIv0 20211128-D05 changes:

Warm reboot does not work under VirtualBox and QEMU
No mouse pointer when booting in VESA mode from AROS Live Drive ( Live USB )
Keymap files for Italian, French, Polish are broken
Device name missing in InstallAROS in case of AHCI

Extensions to IO-APIC support in Kernel (Kalamatee)
Allow ejecting AHCI media (Kalamatee)
Initial work on nvme.device (Kalamatee)
Added support for message signalled interrupts (Kalamatee)
Rework ECAM support in pci.hidd (Kalamatee)
Allow forcing AHCI generation via boot parameters (Kalamatee)
processor.resource supports checking availability of AVX, HyperV, AES (Kalamatee)
Decrease usage of C standard library functions in AROS libraries (Matthias Rustler)
Tool for debugging AROS under HyperV (Kalamatee)
Improved SetMem using SSE, implemented SetMem using AVX (Kalamatee)
Migrated keymaps to new format (Kalamatee)
Made InstallAROS better at detecting suitable drives (Kalamatee)
Initial work on wide character support in C library (Kalamatee)
Multiple improvements to copy and delete in Wanderer (Bo Kopperud)
Implemented C++ startup objects (Kalamatee)
Show disassembly of failing code in Alerts (Kalamatee)
Improvements in handling themes and Prefs/Appearance (Kalamatee)
Enabled structural unit testing (Kalamatee)

AROS build system (Kalamatee)
Documentation (Matthias Rustler)
BoingIconBar (20230501) (Kalamatee)
ahci.device v0.04 (Kalamatee)
Boot/No disk present animation (Kalamatee)
SysExplorer v0.13 (Kalamatee)
acpi.library 20201113 (Kalamatee)
z library (Kalamatee)
png.library v53.1 (Kalamatee)
jpeg library v9d (Kalamatee)
freetype2.library v6.4 (Kalamatee)
jpeg.datatype v41.1 (Miker)

Functional fixes:
AROS Build system (Kalamatee, David Gilmore, Marlon Beijer)
Allow loading old-style ELF keymaps (deadwood)
Revert to using ISO-8859-2 for polish (deadwood)
muimaster.library (bugs: notifications issues when 'new==old' for certains attributes) (deadwood)
Register.mui (bugs: labels don't support escape sequences) (deadwood)
InstallAROS (bugs: windows entry not added to grub config) (deadwood)
ahci.device (bugs: wrong total size reported) (Kalamatee)
USB (bugs: race condition with input.device) (Kalamatee)
datatypes.library (bugs: ASCII not recognized) (Matthias Rustler)
i8042.hidd (bugs: direct use of hardware, lockups on HyperV, log delay on some hardware) (Kalamatee, deadwood)
C library (access, execl, vfork, fseek) (Kalamatee, Matthias Rustler)
wav.datatype (Kalamatee)
locale.library (bugs: broken condition in OpenLocale, wrong behavior in FormatString) (Kalamatee)
Prefs/Input (bugs: broken condition) (Kalamatee)
InstallAROS (improved stack usage) (Kalamatee)
dos.library (bugs: loading of large C++ binaries fail, wrong order when calling MatchFunc) (Kalamatee, deadwood) (Kalamatee)
Wanderer (bugs: buffer overruns) (Matthias Rustler)
Prefs/IControl (fixed layout) (Kalamatee)
Workbook (Thomas Scheller)
graphics.library (bugs: wrong behavior of ClipBlit in some cases) (JuanDoble07)
intuition.library (added support for labels in propgadget) (JuanDoble07)
gadtools.library (fixed behavior of TEXT gadget) (JuanDoble07)

Stability fixes:
ImageAdjust.mui (arkade, Kalamatee)
ata.device (Kalamatee)
Prefs/ScreenMode (Kalamatee)
intuition.library (Kalamatee)
ilbm.datatype (Kalamatee)
C:TaskList (Kalamatee)
vesagfx.hidd (Kalamatee)
exec.library (Kalamatee)
processor.resource (Kalamatee)
Prefs/Printer (Matthias Rustler)
ram-handler (Matthias Rustler)
dos.library (Ronnie Beck, JuanDoble07)

64-bit/68k/ARM support:
Fix 8 byte copy for AC080 (Kalamatee)
Support AVX context save/restore. Report availability. (Kalamatee)
Fix building of diskimage.device for ARM targets (Kalamatee)
Add startup code to handle ARM EABI unwinding in binaries (Kalamatee)
Enable SSE on 64-bit Mesa builds (Kalamatee)
64-bit fixes for CMI8738 and VIA-AC97 drivers (Kalamatee)
Fixes for booting from disk on 64-bit system (Kalamatee)
Support for SAGA chipset (Ronnie Beck)
Support AMMX in m68k kernel (Ronnie Beck)
Performance improvements in amigavideo.hidd (Ronnie Beck)
Support for SD card on Vampire cards (Ronnie Beck)
Binary interfaces fixes in graphics.library (JuanDoble07)


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