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software Classic   software Classic : RNOSlides released
   posted by jPV on 13-Sep-2023 14:38:09 (883 reads)
RNOSlides is a GUI based slideshow creator program, that can save slideshows as videos. The program can view saved slideshows, and play videos in various formats. Please check its homepage for features, screenshots, video demonstration, and download links.

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Re: RNOSlides released
Posted on 19-Sep-2023 16:08:32
#1 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 8-Aug-2005
Posts: 345
From: Norway, Oslo

Great. Works even in 1280x720x32 on my Amiga 1200 with 68060. I wrote a small review of it. I think it got huge potential. Add copy, bigger text area and a way to move the text block yourself will improve. However, it is great for sure.

Awesome program jPV!

Michal, Amiga user since 1988

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Re: RNOSlides released
Posted on 20-Sep-2023 6:35:07
#2 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 11-Apr-2005
Posts: 786
From: .fi

Thanks! Read your review too.

I had some of your requests in mind, but decided to go with the simple design and see the feedback first before making it too complex. After all, the initial plan was to have a program that can create videos of still images to be uploaded on YouTube etc. The whole viewing part was a bonus feature.

For text copying... the formatting string (as well as the delay setting) in the beginning will be copied automatically when adding new images after you have configured the previous image, and then you can copy rest of the text with the usual copy/paste (cmd-c/v) functionality. So, I didn't see a separate copy/duplicate feature that needed, but I guess I can add it in the next version.

It seems that the old MUI version doesn't add a horizontal scroll bar in the listview when texts get wide either... newer versions do that. So a separate bigger text area could help in that too, I'll consider it... or a configurable external text editor option.

I was thinking about changing the text positioning on per image basis, but it would have needed some bigger changes in the design and data handling, so I left it to be considered in the future, because program seemed to be solid and ready to be released otherwise. Texts were designed to be more like subtitles at first.

Thumbnails were also in my mind, but that would make the program heavier especially on lower end and non-RTG machines. As a compromise I made a feature to start a slideshow from a selected image when you double-click it on the list. This is an undocumented feature, but lets you to check the current image quicker than browsing through the whole slideshow.

- The wiki based MorphOS Library - Your starting point for MorphOS
- Software made by jPV^RNO

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