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 NutsAboutAmiga:  1 min ago
 matthey:  3 mins ago
 duga:  12 mins ago
 kolla:  17 mins ago
 modern_hermit:  21 mins ago
 Comi:  38 mins ago
 Rob:  44 mins ago
 Jasper:  57 mins ago
 eliyahu:  1 hr 3 mins ago
 fatbob_gb:  1 hr 14 mins ago News News : Win an AmigaONE motherboard with
   posted by Anonymous on 24-Nov-2003 8:24:13 (9421 reads)
To celebrate the launch of our FreeCiv tournament series the owners of the FreeCiv server are offering a unique chance to win a New AmigaONE XE motherboard with 512Mb RAM!


The prize will go to one lucky victor of the FreeCiv challenge league matches starting in January 2004 and concluding in March 2004! There are a limited number of places so register with your identity on the AW FreeCiv Support Site !

To help you prepare for victory, AW will be running a series of 12 training matches throughout December 2003 at the weekend for different timezones across the globe to participate and learn the game. More details can be found on the AW FreeCiv Support Site or join us on IRC on server channel #awfreeciv.

If you already have an A1XE and you don't need another, we offer an A1XE upgrades package to the same monetary value!

Full terms an conditions that apply to the game will be posted on December 31st on

Update Last night (25th) we successfully tried out a brand of the settings we call "speedciv" which takes about 2 hours to play and is far more frenetic than the standard freeciv We expect games to take 2-3 hours maximum now!

DaveP and IanS - AW FreeCiv Admins.

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Re: Win an AmigaONE motherboard with
Posted on 25-Nov-2003 9:03:47
# ]

OK this does seem to be escalating a little, language problems both ways.

The statement I made right at the top was in answer to criticism
I had had here, in email and on Now I do not
think that its itself sanctioning this comments, far
from it. What I wanted to achieve was a general clearing up of
the complaints and comments people had in one fell swoop in
case the rumour mill started and through chinese whispers
people got the wrong idea and decided not to sign to the competition
through taking some of these political comments seriously.

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Re: Win an AmigaONE motherboard with
Posted on 26-Nov-2003 19:33:44
#42 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 1-May-2003
Posts: 125
From: Unknown

I'm going to play, but if I win, I will take the Amiga mobo and destroy it, and post the pics to the internet.

<--of course not.

As insane as that remark was, I don't think it came off as being ludicrous...not in this community....sigh, and I like being ludicrous, I miss it.

Anyway, I am thinking about playing...but I don't know if I have the time to commit. I will say this, I looked at and it looks like a game I would definately enjoy playing....if only I could!

Great community spirit...hope its a success.

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Re: Win an AmigaONE motherboard with
Posted on 26-Nov-2003 19:36:12
# ]

Thanks Robert, you will be more than welcome, its 2.5 hours to 3 hours every sunday with three different starting times.

We offer training on a sunday ( although I wont be able to run this as I will be travelling this weekend ) to help get you up to speed.



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Re: Win an AmigaONE motherboard with
Posted on 26-Nov-2003 23:11:47
#44 ]
Joined: 28-Jul-2003
Posts: 81
From: U.K.


I will be using the 6.30 AM game to play. Right - a month to try out my quick start moves. How long will each game be played for and will there be a time limit on turn length ?



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Re: Win an AmigaONE motherboard with
Posted on 26-Nov-2003 23:36:15
#45 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 240
From: Beer Country

Doug, by Saturday me and Dave hope to have game details up on the site, we're just very busy with other things right now!

Hope to see you there soon (or maybe not if you're playing the 6.30AM match)

Cheers, Ian

Life starts at 030, is fun at 040 and causes impotence at x86.

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Re: Win an AmigaONE motherboard with
Posted on 28-Nov-2003 12:50:35
#46 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 731
From: Espoo, Finland

Damn. If I only had ADSL-line.. Whithout it I can't join :| I have ordered ADSL, but i don't know when it's connected and i still need ADSL-modem...

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Re: Win an AmigaONE motherboard with
Posted on 29-Nov-2003 12:19:05
#47 ]
Joined: 20-Sep-2003
Posts: 86
From: light years away in US

Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
-- Albert Einstein

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