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Events   Events : AmigaOS4 demonstration videos
   posted by MikeB on 18-Feb-2004 20:17:55 (4390 reads)
AmigaWorld user "AmigaOneProductions" has released a video showing AmigaOS4 demonstrated at the Amiga North Thames Usergroup meeting on the 8th of February. Also team member "Herewegoagain" made available a video showing a demonstration at the NC/SC Amiga User Group meetíng which took place on the 7th of February.

Taken from our forums:

ANT February Video now online

NC/SC Amiga User Group OS4 Beta Video

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Re: AmigaOS4 demonstration videos
Posted on 19-Feb-2004 23:04:53
#21 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 7629
From: ..Pederburgh .. Iceni

I can see what your getting at, Ben.

Hopefully, if enough people show interest to warrant the hiring of the hall ... The Midlands demo I wish to put on will show Os4 in a better "mood" !!

Of course .. The same can be said of the "Geordie Do."

After the ANT showing, Rigo realised what he had been doing wrong.

I dont suffer from Insanity - I enjoy it


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Re: AmigaOS4 demonstration videos
Posted on 20-Feb-2004 0:04:31
#22 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 19-Oct-2003
Posts: 206
From: USA

It was a good 1st try, perhaps (I really can't say for sure because I don't do Windoze & couldn't get it to play on any HW I have access to). In future I hope everyone will avoid any Micro$oft "standards" as much as posssible. It won't play properly on anything but Windoze (some standard).

As for the state of OS 4, lets keep it real.

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Re: AmigaOS4 demonstration videos
Posted on 20-Feb-2004 0:54:32
#23 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 30-May-2003
Posts: 2959
From: Auckland, New Zealand

After the ANT showing, Rigo realised what he had been doing wrong.

Just out of curiosity, what WAS he doing wrong?

Btw, was Rigo the guy that was demonstrating OS4 .. sitting at the desk? For some reason I thought he was younger. :)

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Re: AmigaOS4 demonstration videos
Posted on 20-Feb-2004 1:01:23
#24 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 8-Jan-2003
Posts: 3270
From: Charlotte, NC

I believe that the crashes being referred to were in the AmigaOne Productions video, not yours.

Yeah, that's what I was talking about too, but I still only remember seeing one.

I'm one out of many, I'm sure, that have not seen an AmigaOne or AOS4 in "the flesh" so I'm delighted to see these videos.

I made a few videos with my A2000 and then with my Windoze machine. I know how difficult and time consuming they can be. I can't believe the griping in some of the posts here.

Thanks for going through the trouble to take, edit and post them.

Herewegoagain, I'm saddened to read your comment about not doing them again. Everyone knows AOS4 is still in beta.

Bob C.


I'm not too troubled over the comments. Constructive criticizm is always welcome. But you are right that alot of work can go into it. I had to buy a capture card for the PC to transfer the video from analog (tape) to a raw format that could be worked with. Then trying to find and learn (crash course) the right application to edit it with, figuring out what to cut out and just how much to leave in to keep it interesting all the while trying to think about final file size, which codecs will work for everyone (the ones I picked, Divx and WMA, are both supported by Frogger for Amiga, btw).

I started testing the video under WinUAE (so I didn't have to transfer the file to the real Amiga) and it opened under Frogger and started playing, but was very slow using 68k version. I don't recall the sound starting there but it should have worked.

The comment was about my lack of ability to do it justice, not a non willingness to do it because of comments. Don't worry about that. I think most people have seen most things that are important about OS4 so there probably won't be alot of new videos (if any) from here out. That's my guess anyway.

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Re: AmigaOS4 demonstration videos
Posted on 20-Feb-2004 15:36:26
#25 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 11-Jun-2003
Posts: 945
From: space

Please when release OS4 version of IBrowse, include standardized predefined fonts so sites will look the same on PCs and Amigas.

Also, implement Inline frame, it is more than needed!!!

Tnx for listening :]


nykk | | | gfx.river |

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