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Events   Events : Amiga Big Bash and Retro Update
   posted by Bobsonsirjonny on 6-Sep-2006 17:54:48 (8752 reads)
Amiga Big Bash and Retro is now only 10 days away! has now been updated with further information.

Big Bash is non profit, and the only show to give away an Amiga at every event!

The organisers have been very busy behind the scenes and are proud to announce that they are able to continue this tradition with a complete uA1 system as their 1st place raffle prize.

This years show promises to be bigger and better than ever!

Read more for highlights....

Highlights include:

* Amy '05 from Troika - with representative's from Troika!
* ColdFire Project
* GP2X demo
* LAN gaming Golden Joystick tournament
* Amimedics on hand to fix your Amiga problems - contact us before show for booking
* Bring & buy/sell - Sell your Amiga and Retro stuff - book here for table space
* Dealers such as and AmigaKit with items for sale
* Total Amiga Magazine
* Live webcast from the event, hosted by Mikey C
* Raffle TBC
* Webcams and webcasts of the show courtesy of
* Licensed bar (not included in entry fee!)

There is some limited table space remaining, if you are an exhibitor, retailor, or usergroup, and would like space at Big Bash. please contact the Organisers using the contact form provided.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Re: Amiga Big Bash and Retro Update
Posted on 11-Sep-2006 19:53:05
#41 ]
Super Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 1697
From: Oregon

Chris, we both want the same thing. Our time, money, and reputation are on the line so you just have to let us do it our way.

Troika this is not directed necessarily at you, but it seems over the year’s people in the Amiga hardware scene do 1 of 2 things. (Some times they actually do both and switch back and forth). The two things are probably obvious from those that have been around a while:

1. Make claims saying hardware is “Coming Soon”. Make vague deadlines, not give any real information, but maybe show a schematic and a feature list. The “2 more weeks” strategy I call this.

2. Don’t give any information on the plans at all. People are interested in the product, but the company is silent to the point you forget about them or think the company is dead. Dead to the point they are just a website on in the internet that has never been updated.

Why in the history of Amiga hardware can’t we just have a company keep us informed with honest up to date info. Saying:

“Hey we have a PPC motherboard that we want to develop for AOS4. Here’s where we are at: Hyperion is working with us on a port, we’re still working out licensing deals with Amiga Inc., here is a picture of prototype 1 and of prototype 2, as you can see we are using “X” chipset on one and X chips on the other. Here is the computer booting UBoot and here it is starting to load Workbench where it crashes. So far the unit is only booting part of the kernel, DMA is not working yet. Sound chip has not been tested or even one selected for 100% sure. We have this many more chipsets we want to try. We’re looking at this certain time frame for testing this or that.”

Why can’t we have a company that gives us info, gives us updates? I mean it’s not like the PC world where you might need to keep your project secret because someone might steal it. Honesty and openness both “together” is something we have never had. I put Troika in the honest category. Openness would negate any possibility of you loosing credibility. If something goes wrong a supplier or someone screws you, well if you’ve been open and honest the whole time, people will believe you and understand and will be willing to wait an infinite amount of time for you.

Open and Honest, that’s all we want.


A3000D (16mhz, 2MB Chip, 4MB Fast, SCSI (300+MB), SuperGen Genlock, Kick 3.1)
Back in my day, we didn't have water. We only had Oxygen & Hydrogen, & we'd just shove 'em together

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Re: Amiga Big Bash and Retro Update
Posted on 13-Sep-2006 15:55:00
#42 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 12-Jan-2006
Posts: 416
From: Dar al-Harb


All these codenames, versions and revisions get a bit confusing.

Just to clarify; which board is it that you're going to show at BB? Is it the UDTech HMC, or is it whatever it is that you're apparently designing yourselves? Which of the two(?) are you currently calling Amy '05/Prometheus/1.4/1.4a/etc?

In May you did not yet know whether you were going to be able to sell the UDTech HMC (or "acquire the rights" to it and "forming new alliances", as you put it), but you posted a picture of it nevertheless. Do you know if you can sell this yet?

And The Still Unanswered Question: Do Troika have a licence that will permit AOS to be sold with any of these boards?

Oh, bother.

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