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hardware OS4   hardware OS4 : DiscreetFX submits proposal to acquire Amiga Inc. in the next 12 months
   posted by DiscreetFX on 22-Oct-2006 6:26:59 (17090 reads)
Members of DiscreetFX sent a formel proposal to Amiga Inc. requesting formal validation of the companies value. We are hard at work finishing up our Super Size Me like movie about Trans Fat but the plan is to secure funding to purchase Amiga Inc. and all of it’s IP in the next year. That is our next project after completing the film. It has been on the To-Do list for some time.

This of course depends on if Amiga Inc. wants to sell themselves in the next year and if an agreed upon price can be negotiated. DiscreetFX believes there is tremendous value in the Amiga brand and Amiga OS 4.0. The CEO of DiscreetFX stated “Even though we primarly develop our visual effects software on NewTek video editing solutions for Windows and solutions on Mac OS X the Amiga has always held a special place in my heart since I developed my first product on it. I want to help bring the Amiga back to it’s former glory in new IT markets”. If an agreement can be reached between Amiga Inc. and DiscreetFX the return of Amiga will be amazing.

Best regards

DiscreetFX Team

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Re: DiscreetFX submits proposal to acquire Amiga Inc. in the
Posted on 26-Oct-2006 6:30:48
#101 ]
Joined: 8-Sep-2005
Posts: 35
From: Unknown


One little request...if the buy out actually happens sometime in the future...

Please please please please please ditch that AmigaOne name crap and go back to Amiga / Model number... or if OS without hardware, call it Amiga OS x.x

No more silly catch phrases or product announcements that sound like someone who flunked out of Dale Carnegie leadership training took an acid trip and barfed up a slogan.

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Re: DiscreetFX submits proposal to acquire Amiga Inc. in the
Posted on 27-Oct-2006 2:21:08
#102 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 11-Sep-2003
Posts: 3043
From: here To: there

> I'd be interested to know how DiscreetFX are going to iron out all the legal wrinkles Amiga
> inc seem to have just now.

That's an easy one. Pay the employees on payday, pay the bills when due, and when someone licenses your trademark and tries to market something that will make you money, let them.

"If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you." - Oscar Wilde

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Re: DiscreetFX submits proposal to acquire Amiga Inc. in the
Posted on 28-Oct-2006 5:41:03
#103 ]
Joined: 28-Jun-2003
Posts: 78
From: New York

Good Luck Bill. I hope you will have enough money if you are successful in the purchase to bring Amiga to life again. The Amiga curse hopefully will be broken. Everyone involved with it tends to get sucked dry monetarily. One of the big keys is having hardware and software available at the same time.

Mr. Hardware Computers


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Re: DiscreetFX submits proposal to acquire Amiga Inc. in the
Posted on 28-Oct-2006 21:29:43
#104 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 17-Jan-2003
Posts: 820
From: Essex, UK


This is a crock of ####.

You are completely unprofessional and obviously have no idea of how take overs are executed....

@the rest of the comunity

Disregard these people, they haven't a clue.

[quote]Amiga were also offered Amithlon before anyone else. I was the first to run it. It ROCKED HARD. I begged them to use it, we had a WINNER and could sell a bajillion of them. We owned all the rights to it! But sadly, Bill and Fleecy didn't want peopl

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Re: DiscreetFX submits proposal to acquire Amiga Inc. in the
Posted on 29-Oct-2006 9:06:35
#105 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 12-Feb-2003
Posts: 2047
From: Chicago, IL


I can understand that you might be jaded, it has been 12 long hard years since the death of Commodore.


Thanks so much for the kind words, we are working as hard as we can.

Last edited by DiscreetFX on 29-Oct-2006 at 09:08 AM.

Sent from my Quantum Computer.

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Re: DiscreetFX submits proposal to acquire Amiga Inc. in the
Posted on 30-Oct-2006 19:48:17
#106 ]
Super Member
Joined: 2-Oct-2003
Posts: 1573
From: Atlanta


Hmmm, perhaps KFC has a bootleg copy of your script?

KFC Eliminating TransFat
The link is a little slow right now. Don't know if it's USAToday or me.


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Re: DiscreetFX submits proposal to acquire Amiga Inc. in the
Posted on 16-Nov-2012 15:16:22
# ]

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