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Hardware News   Hardware News : Minimig v1.1 PCBs New Gold finish - now shipping
   posted by Nusim on 31-Oct-2007 17:44:44 (6932 reads)
We are shipping our new gold finish Minimig v1.1 boards.

Unfortunately there is no AROS bounty donation with these.

The good news is the price is at least 25% lower than before.
From 6.00 at quantity 10 to 7.49 for 1 off.

You can get them here!

Thank you
Nusim Ltd

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Re: Minimig v1.1 PCBs New Gold finish - now shipping
Posted on 5-Nov-2007 0:29:38
#41 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 11-Jun-2003
Posts: 149
From: The Netherlands

Please try re-reading what I said, and this time don't put me in the "anti-MiniMig" group

I think you'd better re-read what I was saying. I never put you in the "anti-MiniMig" group. But I did say that you are bashing someones hard work.
A lot of people were asking for it and Wizard66 is one of the first persons to actually build a few for other Amigans that want it but lack the skills.
His bid started at only Euro 200, which means he would sell it at a loss.
You are among the first responders and immediately called out how crazy his prices are, while they are actually very fair. This does not show a lot of respect towards Wizard66.

Luckily the other bidders did value his work properly which brought the price up. I also bought one from him using the 'Buy it Now' option and he delivered a power supply along with it for an extra Euro 15. All well worth the money. She's a beauty.

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Re: Minimig v1.1 PCBs New Gold finish - now shipping
Posted on 5-Nov-2007 11:13:49
#42 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 20-Jun-2007
Posts: 170
From: Australia

You should also consider the MiniMig to be a developers machine. It is a work-in-progress project using expensive hardware parts that can be reprogrammed. An Amiga-in-a-joystick alike device would not have such an expensive programmable chip, but the programmable chip is required for improving the current design. So MiniMig might lead to something big in the future, but it is not an end-user system and it doesn't have an end-user price.

Its not the reprogrammable chip (FPGA) that makes it expensive. Its where the parts are sourced from (Farnell and digikey) that makes it so expensive. The problem is that unless you look at volumes of at least 200 you can't get the parts through regular distributors.
To make a ASIC (custom IC) cheaper in the long run (for a system of this complexity) you would be looking at quantities around 100,000.

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Re: Minimig v1.1 PCBs New Gold finish - now shipping
Posted on 5-Nov-2007 16:37:51
#43 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 30-Jan-2005
Posts: 6673
From: Unknown

I didn't mean you *said* I was in an "anti-MiniMig" group, I meant that you *thought* it. And that was why you did (and still do?) misinterpret my posts as somehow bashing the MiniMig and/or his building & selling of it. Which I am not (see my previous post).

Author of the PortablE programming language.
I can usually be found on (my favourite Amiga forum).
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue...

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