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Software News   Software News : New software releases by OnyxSoft
   posted by Deniil715 on 19-Nov-2009 22:59:15 (4035 reads)
OnyxSoft releases no less that 6 updates of our software!

AmiVNC4, BackUp, MPlayer-GUI, MultiRen, JoinSplitter, MultiRen, UTF-8

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Updated programs
AmiVNC4 v2.2.0. - (OS4) VNC server.
Added Zlib support which should speed up transfers a lot on slow networks. Now startable from WB with tooltypes. Should use less CPU and be more responsive when detecting a screen change.

BackUp v1.70 - (68k) Backup program that mirrors a directory structure.
Added an option so that you can select that files over a given size should not be copied. Added two options to prevent the setting of Amiga protection bits and Amiga file comments. Fixed a few minor bugs.

MPlayer-GUI v1.46 - (OS4) GUI for MPlayer.
It is now possible to start MPlayer-GUI with arguments from CLI or WB and files will be added to the GUI that is already opened. Added a Stop button. Added #?.flv to the default file pattern.

MultiRen v1.69 - (68k) Powerful multi-file renaming tool using MUI. Has plugin-support for MP3-renaming and more.
Fixed drag'n'drop of directories in Ambient. Added some stack to prevent crashes when opening the MUI settings on PPC systems. Minor fixes..

JoinSplitter v1.4 - (68k) Split and join files with a GUI.
It is possible to have joined files automatically deleted after being joined. Better handling of large files over 2GB, and joining of files that will result in more than 4GB.

UTF-8 v1.2 - (68k) This program lets you type UTF-8 text everywhere (like in web browser forms for example).
UTF-8 is now a commodity if started from Workbench. From Workbench it also reads a few tooltypes.

If you know a bug or have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail

All programs released this time was because of feedback from YOU!
- No feedback, No progress -
Thank you, users

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Re: New software releases by OnyxSoft
Posted on 21-Nov-2009 20:16:10
#21 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 14-May-2003
Posts: 4193
From: Sweden


I'm using UltraVNC (latest stable version) and I have the logon screen butwhile the screen begin to be draw it desapear.

What does AmiVNC say? Check the logfile in T: or start it with the -v switch to see it in a shell. Perhaps I can fix it.

- Don't get fooled by my avatar, I'm not like that (anymore, mostly... maybe only sometimes)
> Amiga Classic and OS4 developer for OnyxSoft.

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Re: New software releases by OnyxSoft
Posted on 22-Nov-2009 3:48:31
#22 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 2-Apr-2005
Posts: 293
From: Quebec, Canada


Will be great if you can fix that... here what AmiVNC4 say;

1> c:AmiVNC4 -v
$VER: AmiVNC OS4 2.2.0 Nov 19 2009
(c) 1999-2004
main : parameter values :
- Listen port set to 5900
- Endian set to little
- Initial xfer limit set to ffffffff
- Color bitshifts : red 8, green 16, blue 24
- Log file set to stdout
- Verbose logging : no
- VVA BGR233 encoding : no
- Zlib encoding : no
- Screen scan delay: 0.30 seconds
- user command on client login : none
- user command on client logout : none
main : Creating listener socket
main : Binding socket on port 5900
main : Listening set on port 5900
main : Waiting for client connection
main : accept()ed connection from on socket 1
main : Negociating protocol version
main : Protocol supported by server : 3.3, by client : 3.4
main : Authentication
main : ClientInitialisation
main : SharedFlag = 1 (multiple clients : Yes)
main : Screen set to [Écran du Workbench] (RTG)
main : prepared duplicate socket key 243117182
main : sHandlerName='AmiVNC handler.0'
vProcessIncomes : got duplicate socket key 243117182
vProcessIncomes runs on socket 0
main : RTG mode Pic96/11 @ 0x80004000, 1280x1024, 4 Bpp, size 5242880
main : Allocated 5242880 bytes for pBuffer
main : non-FastMode 32bit
'HexTile' 'Raw'

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Re: New software releases by OnyxSoft
Posted on 24-Nov-2009 13:12:45
#23 ]
Super Member
Joined: 23-Nov-2008
Posts: 1410
From: Australia, VIC

the more software the better I say.

Keep it up people, we like.


Courtesy of SAM440Flex & Amiga OS4.1 only
CD32 / SX1 Expansion
A500 with HxC & 1mb Chip Ram, Flicker Fixer Box
C=OS (Usa) Laptops
MorphOS PowerBook G4
AROS / AmiPUP Netbook
A1000 with 1.5MB RAM.

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