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software OS4   software OS4 : NetSurf 2.9 - Fast CSS capable web browser
   posted by zerohero on 15-Apr-2012 10:17:35 (4453 reads)
NetSurf 2.9 is a small, fast, CSS capable web browser for
AmigaOS 4.1. It sports an OS4 native GUI and does not require AmiCygnix. The OS4 code is not related to NetSurf-68k, which in turn is not representative of the user interface of NetSurf on any other platform.

This is a pre-release, there may be minor changes before a final release of v2.9.

The redraw method has been changed to conserve graphics memory, and the default options are set so users with low amounts of graphics card memory can enjoy NetSurf. Consequently performance can be improved by doing one or both of the following:
(a) Toggling "Cache native versions" in the Rendering tab of NetSurf's configuration, to "All".
(b) Increasing the values of redraw_tile_size_x and redraw_tile_size_y in Resources/Options, or setting them to 0.
There are further suggestions in the "optimising for speed" section of, included in the distribution.

See for more information about NetSurf.

This software is licensed under the GPL, and the sources are available from A copy can also be obtained directly from the maintainer of this port,, in the event that the website is unavailable.


* Improved internal management of simultaneously occurring operations.
* Rewritten and streamlined URL handling.
* Improved handling of frames and iframes.
* Improved handling of min/max-width on replaced elements.
* Simplified layout object dimension calculations.
* Reduced memory usage in the fetch layer.
* Disabled extraneous fetch debug code when built without debugging.
* Optimised fetchers.
* Updated MIME sniff handling in accordance with evolution of spec.
* Optimised cache layer.
* Enabled yield and resumption of box tree construction.
* Improved resource handling.
* Added new support for favicons.
* Increased default memory cache size.
* Added about :imagecache status page.
* Optimised URL fragment handling.
* Made meta refresh handling more robust.
* Various minor table layout fixes.
* Cleaned up fetch callback API.
* New hotlist entries can be inserted into defined or selected folder.
* Enabled resizing of textarea widget.
* Fixed cookie expiration.
* Improved handling of CSS overflow scrollbars.
* Fixed caret position after deleting selection in textarea widget.
* Enabled mouse wheel scrolling of frames and other scrollable content.
* Improved handling of file drops, e.g. for HTML form file submission.
* Added the beginnings of a gstreamer binding.
* Fixed some content cache layer issues.
* Improved handling of deletion of nodes from treeviews.
* Added options to disable fetching of images.
* Simplified redraw API rendering options.
* Improved support for drag operations.

* Hubbub library (HTML parser):
+ Fixed xmlns attribute handling.

* LibCSS library (CSS parser and selection engine):
+ Avoid interning standard strings for every stylesheet, style tag and style attribute.
+ Made significant optimisations to style selection.
+ Fixed case where font-family is unspecified in input CSS.
+ Added some support for @font-face.
+ Fixed !important on opacity property.
+ Added support for parsing CSS3 Multi-column layout properties.

* Improved mouse handling.
* Improved multi-tasking behaviour.
* Increased keyboard scroll speed.
* Better MIME type handling.
* Improved contextual menu handling.
* Enabled context menu for frames.
* Enabled context menu for plain text contents.
* Improved aspect ratio handling.
* Consolidated user file operations.
* Fixed scrolling issues.
* Improved resource handling.
* Improved tab bar handling.
* Improved drag handling.
* Improved font handling.
* Improved clipboard support.

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Re: NetSurf 2.9 - Fast CSS capable web browser
Posted on 17-Apr-2012 0:56:58
#21 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 2000
From: Canada


Wow! Thank you for this update. Very fast on my MicroA1.

Up until this time, I have been using the Static/graphics.library versions of this program, up to and including NetSurf 2.8.

Thanks for the hint about dragging entries in the hotlist to the active window.

MicroA1 with 750 GX CPU and 256 MB RAM
AmigaOS 4.1 Update 4

Last edited by redfox on 17-Apr-2012 at 12:58 AM.

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Re: NetSurf 2.9 - Fast CSS capable web browser
Posted on 17-Apr-2012 7:26:28
#22 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 21-Jun-2003
Posts: 3195
From: Beds, UK


Thanks. I ditched the static version after a poll showed only about two people were using it. You can re-activate graphics.library only mode but it's not recommended.

"Miracles we do at once, the impossible takes a little longer" - AJS on Hyperion
Avatar is Tabitha by Eric W Schwartz

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Re: NetSurf 2.9 - Fast CSS capable web browser
Posted on 18-Apr-2012 21:49:22
#23 ]
Team Member
Joined: 20-Aug-2003
Posts: 6291
From: County Yakima, WA State, USA

I came to this party late, but thankful for another update. Good show!


AmigaOne X1000
AmigaOne XE G4
I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

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Re: NetSurf 2.9 - Fast CSS capable web browser
Posted on 29-Apr-2012 20:52:18
#24 ]
Super Member
Joined: 21-Oct-2003
Posts: 1106
From: West of Eden, VT USA

Poster: Chris_Y Date: 16-Apr-2012 14:59:33



- There isn't a copy of Installer in the archive, so I don't know where you are getting that from.
- "Some elf thing" isn't an error message! Please be more specific.

True, but "ELF Library
Unable to resolve symbol
'lwc_intern_string'" is.


Amiga 1000; Amiga 2000; Amiga 3000T; CD-TV; CD32;
AmigaOne-XE 800Mhz G4;Sam400ep 666Mhz;
AmigaOne X-1000 1.8Ghz PA6T-1682M

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