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Announcement   Announcement : Legal source for Cyberstorm Roms - Cancelled
   posted by phoenixkonsole on 24-Mar-2015 11:19:00 (11892 reads)
Please ignore the news item - the ROMs are no longer available.

The thread is being retained for information only.


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Re: Legal source for Cyberstorm Roms
Posted on 31-Mar-2015 10:38:42
#41 ]
Super Member
Joined: 24-Sep-2007
Posts: 1143
From: Unknown

"evidence or it never existed"

Why hould we mecessarily see conspirancies everywhere?

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Re: Legal source for Cyberstorm Roms
Posted on 31-Mar-2015 11:12:05
#42 ]
Super Member
Joined: 8-Nov-2009
Posts: 1770
From: Unknown

Look guys,
to get evidence we would have to start a legal action. Now the fact is that Founder of DCE, Mr. Dellert, died some time ago. His partners may have accidentally believed that they got everything licensed back than since they got the exclusive right for Phase 5 products.

So to get evidence we would need to start a thermo-nuclear overkill .... for what?
I am happy to be able to talk normally with some of Team mos. And I am happy if no one also those hosting roms will not get sued by anyone.

So "I" the stupid guy who looses a good point in his store and caned the BoingboxPC's says:
"ok, I believe that Ralph Schmidt has the only and exclusive right to license the necessary rom".

No Drama. Just pity. But I must say: " I am not sure If I would allow this at all by myself" Maybe because I would have been a bit angry that no one talked to me at first.

-> Again. I didn't know Ralph Schmidt's involvement and I only contacted the last commercial entity being producer of Cyberstom roms.

So I am sorry if I hurt any feelings.

Shit happens. Earth still rotates.
And a legal info:
Ralph Schmidt as well as DCE can start a legal action against anyone sharing those roms.

The conclusion: you would need the ok from both parties.

Some people are talking that he legalized roms on some websites...
NO! Only updates. My last info from him was no license for "free" or "commercial" use.

So all involved are fine with this situation.
Drama can end here.
Everyone not involved can think about other problems on earth like hunger.

Last edited by phoenixkonsole on 31-Mar-2015 at 11:13 AM.

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