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Software News   Software News : Introducing MultiViewer & MultiViewerNG
   posted by amigakit on 3-Jun-2015 11:02:31 (9575 reads)

Introducing MultiViewer & MultiViewerNG
The ultimate Classic & Next-Generation AmigaOS file viewer
Cardiff 3rd June 2015

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased announce the imminent release of MultiViewer and MultiViewerNG, its advanced file viewer utility for Classic and Next-Generation AmigaOS systems.

As part of our ongoing commitment to developing quality software content for Classic and Next-Generation AmigaOS systems we contracted freelance AmigaOS developer Andy Broad and set him the challenge of creating the ultimate AmigaOS file viewer utility. We gave him outline specifications and the freedom to build the programme from the ground-up. Our only stipulation were that the software must integrate with our other A-EON Technology applications such as Personal Paint & ImageFX and to make sure that, wherever possible, the Classic version had most of the features of Next-Generation version.

We are please to report that Andy has exceeded all of our expectations and the result is MultiViewer a flexible application for viewing any type of file supported by the datatypes system. Two versions are being released: MultiViewer for the Classic AmigaOS and MultiViewerNG for the latest AmigaOS 4.1 systems.

Both of these programs provide the AmigaOS with many additional features, such as a tool bar, image scaling, slideshow mode together with file and image editing hotlinks to programs such as NotePad ,Personal Paint, etc. Both versions of MultiViewer may be run from the Workbench or from the shell. The programs behaviour is controlled by a range of options which may be defined as Tooltypes or command line switches. Default settings are loaded from the tooltypes in the main programs icon. A powerful ARexx interface and Scripting menu provides even more options. The default settings can be modified by the tooltypes in the projects icon or the switches and options provided on the command line. Additional tooltypes allow the defining of external editors and scripts which may be executed from a custom script menu. Once MultiViewer is running, additional features may be controlled via the tool bar, menu and keyboard shortcuts and multiple files. Full Ringhio support is also included and the NG version also includes multiple Tabs and the ability to view AMIStore screenshots.

We asked Andy to comment on his six months MultiViewer development effort. "It's been an interesting challenge exploring both the potential and limitations of the datatypes system in order to bring the original concept of MultiView up to date in MultiViewer. An additional challenge was exploiting the significant advances in the AmigaOS 4 Reaction GUI system whilst providing as much functionality in the relatively limited 3.X version as possible."

MultiViewer and MultiViewerNG will be available shortly from AMIStore &

MultiViewer to the future

Special thanks to Mason for the icons and the beta testers PJS, Severin and others for their work on finding bugs and providing feedback.

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Re: Introducing MultiViewer & MultiViewerNG
Posted on 9-Jun-2015 16:17:15
#61 ]
Elite Member
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From: Minnesota, USA


The existence of a nearly 20-year-old datatype is quite irrelevant if the sources are not available.

You only need the sources if you need to recompile. Viva la Apollo core anyone? Or a Vampire 2 accelerator? In case you haven't noticed by now, the vast majority of Amiga software has not been nor ever will be recompiled for non-68k. That's why I'm reverting from PPC back to 68k and AROS Vision.

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