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 Rob:  1 hr 20 mins ago News News : AMIcast Episode 12 - Jim Collas - Gateway
   posted by radzik on 19-May-2016 11:21:14 (4679 reads)
I'm very proud of this episode! It's really special one, my guest is Jim Collas from Gateway!! Yes, the same guy that could save the Amiga.
Steve Jobs of the Amiga? Whole true about Gateway and Amiga from a first hand! Why and what happened? All things are included in this episode. Jim thanks again for this interview!

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Re: AMIcast Episode 12 - Jim Collas - Gateway
Posted on 26-May-2016 16:03:58
#21 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 21-Jun-2003
Posts: 3192
From: Beds, UK


Yep, IIRC I read that if you were an OEM you had to supply a Windows licence with every PC, so supplying a computer with Linux didn't make it any cheaper. Whether that was true or not is another matter.

But the reasons for splitting Gateway-Amiga off as a separate company (Microsoft wouldn't allow them to use their Amiga patents against other Microsoft partners because they were a Microsoft partner), would have also meant Microsoft couldn't interfere in the Amiga business.

Remember that back then Microsoft truly were the Evil Empire, trying to control the entire computer industry, and the bits they couldn't control they would buy simply to shut down. If Gateway-Amiga had been noticed by Microsoft, it's unlikely they would have been safe.

Thankfully they're not as bad these days, probably because they are losing market share so no longer have the power they did.

"Miracles we do at once, the impossible takes a little longer" - AJS on Hyperion
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Re: AMIcast Episode 12 - Jim Collas - Gateway
Posted on 26-May-2016 22:21:36
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Cult Member
Joined: 13-Jun-2005
Posts: 905
From: Unknown


Much like some people only want OCS/AGA, 68k,.. I'm pretty sure there were people against OSX, the switch to x86...

And of course a driving force with vision would either embrace these separate interests and create opportunities or dictate the flow and let third parties fill the void.

Many members of this community defined the Amiga by what it *wasn't.*

A history of hatred towards anything Apple, Intel or Microsoft resulted in a lot of inertia. Instead of objecting, we should have been listening and learning.

Last edited by ne_one on 26-May-2016 at 10:23 PM.

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Re: AMIcast Episode 12 - Jim Collas - Gateway
Posted on 31-May-2016 17:17:47
#23 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 18-Dec-2007
Posts: 2088
From: N-Space

Thanks for the interesting interview.

I was very excited about the MCC, and even more excited when the decision was made to switch from QNX to Linux, and of course very disappointed just a few months later. I think that probably was the last chance Amiga had of regaining market share as a mainstream system.

"Unix is supposed to fix that." -- Jay Miner

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