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Software News   Software News : Polybios 1.0 released
   posted by softwarefailure on 13-May-2018 17:14:18 (3554 reads)

Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to present a massive new plugin release for Hollywood: Polybios - Making History in PDF. This plugin can be used to create and view PDF documents from Hollywood scripts and will thus make all PDF dreams come true for Hollywood users. Polybios has been five years in the making and is now finally ready for release exclusively for Hollywood 7.1.

Here are just some of Polybios' impressive features:

- over 200 functions for creating and viewing PDF documents
- support for all graphics primitives
- full Unicode support
- fonts can be embedded inside PDF documents
- images and Hollywood brushes can be embedded inside PDF documents
- password-protected PDFs can be opened and created
- support for PDF encryption and compression
- files can be attached to PDF documents
- annotations can be added to PDF documents
- support for RGB, CMYK and gray color spaces
- transition effects can be embedded inside PDF documents
- hypertext links can be embedded inside PDF documents
- table of contents generation is supported
- inbuilt PDF viewer is based on the famous fast and powerful PDF engine used in a very popular browser by a very well-known American Internet company and is thus very compatible and complete
- PDF pages can be exported as Hollywood brushes
- PDF pages can be accessed as vector brushes allowing for lossless scaling, rotation, and transformation
- Polybios comes with over 150 pages of documentation to get you started quickly
- over 25 ready-to-run examples are included in the Polybios distribution

And the best of all: Polybios is provided free of charge for all existing Hollywood users. Thus, please consider buying Hollywood to show your support for our massive development efforts.

The plugin is now available for download from the official Hollywood portal. Thanks to Hollywood's cross-platform plugin system versions for AmigaOS3 (m68k, m881), AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, WarpOS, AROS (x86), Linux (ppc, arm, x86, x64), Mac OS (ppc, x86, x64), Windows (x86, x64) and Android (arm, arm64) are provided.

Made possible only by Airsoft Softwair, forever the hardest working men in code business.

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Re: Polybios 1.0 released
Posted on 15-May-2018 15:12:34
#21 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 16-Mar-2006
Posts: 433
From: Karlstad, Sweden


Yeah I got that. I just said that I won't use a browser to display PDFs and therefor I didn't know about the engine used in Chrome.

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Re: Polybios 1.0 released
Posted on 15-May-2018 16:19:56
#22 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 22-Jun-2004
Posts: 3604
From: Unknown

Thank you, Andreas for this new free plugin for Hollywood.

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Re: Polybios 1.0 released
Posted on 15-May-2018 16:20:56
#23 ]
Joined: 16-Feb-2004
Posts: 85
From: Germany

why does does it sound like a multiple BIOS you'd stick on a ROM?

The plugin's full title is: "Polybios - Making History in PDF"

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Re: Polybios 1.0 released
Posted on 16-May-2018 16:30:19
#24 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 6-May-2007
Posts: 10360
From: Greensborough, Australia


I don't think that Greek guy knew what a PDF is. The only correlation I can see with being portablle, a document or a format is he was a historian. Naming it Polybius would be slightly better. Would still look Greek to me but at least it wouldn't be as confusing as embedding a computer term inside.

 Status: Offline
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Re: Polybios 1.0 released
Posted on 16-May-2018 21:20:13
#25 ]
Super Member
Joined: 8-Apr-2003
Posts: 1024
From: Copenhagen, Denmark

Polybios is the Greek version of his name, Polybius the Latinificated one. In fact, since he was Greek, the Wikipedia article really ought to call him Polybios.

It has nothing to do with BIOS or a multiple of anything.

Best regards,


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Re: Polybios 1.0 released
Posted on 17-May-2018 3:29:32
#26 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 20-Jan-2010
Posts: 658
From: Isselburg,Germany

I want see a Youtube video of it.


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Re: Polybios 1.0 released
Posted on 23-May-2018 14:03:14
#27 ]
Super Member
Joined: 24-Sep-2007
Posts: 1105
From: Unknown

I am sincerely amazed. I sincerely hope someone will pick the task to write a full-feature PDF viewer for all Amiga OSes around this jewel. I've downloaded the trial version of Hollywood just to run the example PDFviewer on the fly, and its speed and accuracy are astonishing.

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