PowerIcons (1.05) released

Date 22-Nov-2003 15:23:13
Topic: Software News

Elena Novaretti has released a small update to her PowerIcons program - a utility for RTG systems to use PNG images as WB Icons (as used under Linux and MorphOS).

New for v1.05 (21 Nov 03)
  • Added BETTEROUTLINE option to improve text outline effect.
  • Added SCROLLSPEEDUP option to optimize Workbench icon scrolling (thanks to a Georg Steger's idea).
  • In the case no default base type icon is found in ENV:Sys (drawer, tool, project, etc.) no icon was returned. Fixed.
  • Removed a subtle bug in the 68K version causing weird system slowdowns and crashes (register A4 in GetIconRectangleNew() was erroneously trashed by the code generator). Thanks to Tony Aksnes for the patient beta testing.
  • Some new example icons added

You can download the new version of PowerIcons here from her website.

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