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Recent News Submit News News   RGB to HDMI Adapter at low price RGB2HDMI News posted by amigakit on 7-Dec-2023 15:29:52 (373 reads)
RGB to HDMI adapter for Amiga 500 - RGB2HDMI

The Amiga RGB to HDMI adapter connects a HDMI TV or monitor to an Amiga 500 or 500 Plus. Amiga native graphics can be displayed through HDMI. A low cost way of playing games and using the Amiga with a modern HDMI television or monitor.

To function it requires a Raspberry Pi Zero to be connected to the adapter board and microSD card. These are available as optional extras.

This adapter is plugged into the Denise socket on the Amiga 500 motherboard and in turn the Denise chip is piggybacked into the 48-pin socket on the adapter board.

We also offer optional push switch cable used for menu access functions.


Native Amiga RGB screenmodes displayed through HDMI
Pixel perfect image through digital HDMI
Display menu options: Add/remove scanlines, image softening etc.
Low latency: a few milliseconds at most
Support for both Denise 8362 and Super Denise 8373 chips (jumper underside to configure)

Product Links:

New Zealand


software MorphOS   Wayfarer 7.0
  software MorphOS posted by jacadcaps on 5-Dec-2023 20:25:56 (547 reads)
Wayfarer 7.0 is now available for download!

This is the 7th time Wayfarer was rebased to a latest stable WebKitGTK, meaning the MorphOS patches have been re-applied to a new branch. This release also marks the project's 4th anniversary.

This has been the most challenging update so far. Several new endian issues have crept into WebKit, with one of them causing an immediate crash when running JavaScript on big endian CPUs. The removal of some of the WinCairo port has also made it more difficult to maintain the MorphOS port. Many of the code paths that the MorphOS port is using aren't being used by the officially supported ports, which requires additional testing and bug fixing.

With this in mind, please show your support by donating to the project.

Version 7.0 is now available for auto-updating, which is the recommended way of installing updates. Please check the history page for the full list of changes in this release.
  5 comments News   REV'n'GE! #152 News posted by Seiya on 28-Nov-2023 22:37:28 (456 reads)
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News   Amiga Future is looking for reinforcements
  News posted by AndreasM on 27-Nov-2023 14:24:18 (398 reads)
Seeing as our printed edition of Amiga Future has now been published for over 25 years, we are at a point when we need to massively increase our editorial team for the magazine and also the home pages for our website.
The idea behind this is to relieve the workload on more of our entire team, to better distribute the load amongst all our editorial staff, and in so doing reduce the stress and workload on everyone involved, while at the same time further increasing the magazine's overall quality.

It is all in the hope that the next 25 years will be a little easier for everyone in the editorial team, and even better for our readers. :)


* Applications area
* Games section
* Hardware area
* News section

So, would you like to work on a print magazine for the Amiga that has been around for over 25 years?

If so, then just simply contact us by email:

Bear in mind that also (which should really go without saying):

* You should logically own an Amiga.
* Additionally you should also use it, in other words, you should have a user's knowledge of an Amiga.
* Your spelling, punctuation and grammar doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be basically OK.
* Of course it would be much better if you have previously written reports and reviews already.
* Most importantly you should also have the time to spare, and lots of interest, in using your Amiga.

  Read more News   Greaseweazle V4.1 Retail Boxed At News posted by amigakit on 22-Nov-2023 22:17:04 (594 reads)
Amiga Kit Amiga Store is pleased to announce that the Greaseweazle V4.1 is now available with printed retail box packaging. Greaseweazle lets your PC/Mac/Linux box read real Amiga floppy disks and other floppy disk formats.

Product Links:

New Zealand

  9 comments | Read more News    C64 the Mysterious Cassette - la Cassetta del Mistero available now! News posted by Mod3mski on 22-Nov-2023 10:44:30 (532 reads)
After several months of development, Darkage Software is proud to announce the release of "C64 - The Mysterious Cassette - La Cassetta del Mistero", a text adventure in italian and english languages for Amiga equipped with AGA chipsets!

The game was programmed by Colin Vella, with graphics and project management by Paolo D'Urso, music by the legendary Allister Brimble and was possible thanks to the direction of Carlo Pastore.
  2 comments | Read more  

Miscellaneous News   8000th article on Obligement: Boing Ball special
  Miscellaneous News posted by Daff on 21-Nov-2023 14:26:44 (400 reads)
To celebrate the 8,000th (!) article on Obligement, I'm bringing you a full feature on the Boing Ball, the iconic symbol of the Amiga. The article looks at its history, how it works, its different versions and its legality.

(automatic translatation in other languages are available on the website)

Good read!
  1 comment  

News   Old Amiga Future Issue 140 in german & english now online
  News posted by AndreasM on 20-Nov-2023 14:12:56 (356 reads)
Since today you can read the Amiga Future issue 140 online on our webpage.

In irregular intervals we provide older issues of the Amiga Future for free online.

The magazines and the PDF versions (in HQ) are also available in our online shop

Read the german mags online:
Read the english mags online:

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software Classic   Plananarama 2.1 released
  software Classic posted by softwarefailure on 19-Nov-2023 11:28:39 (345 reads)
Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, is proud to announce that version 2.1 of Plananarama has just been released. Plananarama is the magic plugin which allows Hollywood scripts to be run on classic Amiga hardware without any graphics board. Once Plananarama is installed, all Hollywood scripts will 'automagically' run on palette screens as well! All resolutions are supported - from 8-bit LowRes to 1-bit productivity SuperHighRes Interlace. Version 2.1 is a minor update which a new feature which makes it easier to create applications that run on both, RTG and planar screens. Plananarama 2.1 is available for free download from the official Hollywood portal.
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News   Amiga Future: New full versions online
  News posted by AndreasM on 14-Nov-2023 15:57:20 (361 reads)
The download area of the Amiga Future was updated today. So, you can now find the following full versions online:

Disk Salv 3

An overview of the recent uploads and changes to the download database of Amiga Future is also available from this link:

Of course we also want to be able to offer you many more full versions online, but to be able to achieve this, for you, we need your help, so ...

We are on the lookout for the Copyright holders for Amiga games and applications.
Do you know of any such person or can you actively help us in our search?
If so, then please contact us by email.

We are looking for extra support in order to revise the full versions download area of the Amiga Future webpage.
In particular, to check whether all those full versions formats (ADF, IPF, WHDLoad, AGA, CD releases, etc.) are complete.
In addition, a short description, in 2 sentences or less, about each of their system requirements and some screenshots need to be created.
If you want to help us, then please send us an email.
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