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software Classic   Hollywood 9.0 add-ons released
  software Classic posted by softwarefailure on 13-Apr-2021 12:07:34 (194 reads)
Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to announce the immediate availability of a number of add-ons for Hollywood 9.0. The following add-ons are now available for download from the official Hollywood portal:

- Hollywood Player 9.0 for all supported platforms (also available for your smartphone/tablet on Google Play)
- Hollywood SDK 9.0 for developing your own plugins (includes examples and over 400 pages of documentation in various formats)
- Hollywood 9.0 add-on for Cubic IDE (kindly provided by Michael Jurisch)
- Hollywood 9.0 wordfile for UltraEdit
- Hollywood 9.0 online reference manual (over 1100 PDF pages, alternatively available as HTML, CHM, and AmigaGuide)
- Hollywood SDK 9.0 online reference manual (over 400 PDF pages, alternatively available as HTML, CHM, and AmigaGuide)

The release of these add-ons completes the Hollywood 9.0 release. Please visit the official Hollywood portal at for download and more information. Furthermore, version 3.4 of the Hollywood APK Compiler has been released and contains an important bugfix.

Brought to you by Airsoft Softwair - the hardest working men in code business.

hardware Classic   Transparent hard plastic covers for Amiga CD32 available
  hardware Classic posted by AmigaPapst on 8-Apr-2021 18:04:40 (291 reads)
We are pleased to announce that as of today we can exclusively together with
Retronics deliver the new transparent hard plastic covers for the Amiga CD
32. The covers were developed in cooperation with Retronics and fit
perfectly on both versions (with and without protruding bar on the CD
drive) of the Amiga CD 32.
The covers protect the Amiga CD 32 from all external influences such as sun
(UV rays), dust and moisture. They are made of high-quality plastic in
Poland and are delivered well protected in high-quality packaging.
The dust covers can be ordered here.
  1 comment  

software Classic   Hollywood APK Compiler 3.3 and Remedios 1.1 released
  software Classic posted by softwarefailure on 5-Apr-2021 10:55:08 (260 reads)
Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to announce the immediate availability of Hollywood APK Compiler 3.3 and Remedios 1.1. The Hollywood APK Compiler is an add-on for Hollywood that allows you to compile your Hollywood scripts into stand-alone APKs for Android, ready to be distributed via the Play Store! Remedios does the same for iOS, i.e. it compiles your Hollywood scripts into app bundles ready to be run on iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad. The Hollywood APK Compiler requires an x64 Windows system and Remedios requires a macOS system.

The major new feature in Hollywood APK Compiler 3.3 and Remedios 1.1 is support for Hollywood 9. Both programs support the full Hollywood 9.0 command set and runtime now. Furthermore, Remedios 1.1 adds support for Xcode 12 and Hollywood APK Compiler 3.3 adds support for Android Studio 4.1.

The updates are available free of charge for all existing customers and can be downloaded from the restricted download area. Note, however, that both programs require Hollywood 9 now. If you don't have the Hollywood APK Compiler or Remedios yet, please click here to place your order.

This release was brought to you by Airsoft Softwair - the hardest working men in code business.

software Classic   AmiKit XE for Raspberry Pi 4/400 released!
  software Classic posted by AmiKit on 4-Apr-2021 1:37:49 (642 reads)

AmiKit XE for Raspberry Pi 4/400 has been released!

software Classic   IBrowse 2.5.4 Now Available
  software Classic posted by Futaura on 3-Apr-2021 14:01:36 (701 reads)

IBrowse 2.5.4 is now available for download for both AmigaOS 3.x and AmigaOS 4.1FE (AmiUpdate can be also be used to update your installation).

This is the fourth free update for registered users of IBrowse 2.5. IBrowse 2.4 and 1.x users may upgrade to IBrowse 2.5.4 via our store at discounted rates.

It is mainly a maintenance release with refinements and improvements to features introduced in IBrowse 2.5, with some other developments held back until they are stable and complete. We hope to have addressed all of the issues raised since the release of IBrowse 2.5.3 last year, whilst adding a few new features too. See the history log or changes list for a full breakdown of all the changes made in IBrowse 2.5.

software Classic   AmiSSL 4.9 Now Available
  software Classic posted by Futaura on 2-Apr-2021 20:26:49 (484 reads)
The AmiSSL project is a collaborative effort to develop a shared library for Amiga-based systems (AmigaOS, MorphOS, AROS, etc.) based on the OpenSSL cryptographic library toolkit. The library together with its provided software development kit (SDK) tries to be 100% API/ABI compatible to the OpenSSL version it is based on. In addition, due to its shared library nature it can be used by several Amiga applications at the same time. Many applications already make use of AmiSSL - the shared library concept saves memory and allows developers to easily integrate a modern, stable, optimised SSL/TLS and cryptographic solution into their applications with minimum effort. With regular AmiSSL updates, applications and users additionally benefit from OpenSSL upgrades and security fixes, without authors needing to update their own code.

AmiSSL 4.9 is available for download from (or via AmiUpdate) and contains the following modifications:
  • Updated OpenSSL backend to full compatibility to latest OpenSSL 1.1.1k (25.03.2021) version, which brings security and bug fixes.
  • Simplified and improved logic in amisslmaster.library for choosing which libraries to open.
  • Installer will now delete redundant AmiSSLv4 libraries where possible.
  • Added Swedish installer translation.
  • Updated icons with more modern GlowIcons.
  • Added sample openssl.cnf file and helper script to the installation.
  • Added documentation to OpenSSL.doc.

    Announcement   New AHI driver for AmigaOS4
      Announcement posted by geen_naam on 31-Mar-2021 23:00:51 (1190 reads)
    April 1st, 2021:

    I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new AHI driver for AmigaOS4.1. This driver supports PCIe soundcards that comply with the Intel HD Audio (Azalia) specification.

    Analog recording ( for now 16bit up to 192kHz) as well as analog playback (up to 7.1 channels and up to 32bit/384kHz) are supported. Support for digital inputs and outputs is planned for a next release.

    AHI prefs offers both 16bit and 32bit HIFI modes. These modes basically determine what audio resolution goes into AHI. The output of the AHI HIFI mixing routine will always be 32bit. This driver will automatically select the best available resolution for playback.

    A basic mixer tool is included to provide volume control.

    Which cards do work (verified):
    - Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy FX (24bit/192kHz 5.1)
    - Startech PEXSOUND7CH (24bit/192kHz 7.1) -> Available under many different brands
    - Fransande 411944 (24bit/192kHz 7.1) -> Available under many different brands

    Cards that should work:
    - Terratec AUREON 7.1 PCIe (will arive shortly for verfication)
    - Basically every combination of HDaudio controllers and HD audio multichannel codecs (eg. CA0113, CM8828, CM8888, CM9882A ALC898 etc)

    Older cards that might work (no guarantees):
    - Asus Xonar Phoebus solo (CM8888 in combination with high quality discrete DACs)
    - Powercolor Devil HDX (CM8888 in combination with discrete DACs)

    Cards that do not work (yet):
    - Core3d (CA0132) based Sound Blasters (Eg Z, AE-5, AE-7, AE-9 etc). These cards have a DSP (ca0132) instead of an audio codec. Support is planned but don't hold your breath because extensive and undocumented configuration is required.

    Cards that will never work:
    - PCIe Asus soundcards that are on sale now. These cards are either AV100 ( rebadged CMI8788), CM8786 or C-media 6632AX (USB chip) based. Neither of these chips comply with the Intel HDaudio standard.
    - Sound blaster Audigy RX and all other EMU based or X-FI based sound blasters. (do not comply with the Intel HD audio standard)
    - Non-PCIe soundcards in general like external USB cards.

    See readme for more information.

    The driver is called HDaudio_AHI.lha and is available for download at: OS4Depot

    software OS4   Enhancer Software Release 2 Available Now
      software OS4 posted by amigakit on 28-Mar-2021 12:30:34 (3117 reads)

    A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to confirm immediate download available of the Enhancer Software Release 2.

    This is a major version update representing three years of hard work from the Amiga Developer Team. A digital download edition can be purchased from AMIStore App Store.

    Important: users who have previously purchased the Enhancer Software Graphics Update can download this package for free of charge from Updater utility.

    A huge amount of new features and updates have been implemented in Release 2, both major and minor bringing the package to higher standards.

    * Video Acceleration Library has been added to support hardware video decoding on Radeon Polaris cards.

    * Warp3D Nova has been updated to support the new Video Acceleration library as well as many important improvements and bug fixes

    * OpenGLES 2 library has been expanded with more functionality and bug fixes

    * SensorMaster library: a new hardware Sensor API for the first time on next generation systems.

    * Power Prefs has been added to control the Power settings on Radeon Southern Islands/Oland and Polaris cards

    * Archiver tool has been added offering compression and unarchiving on major compressed archives.

    * InfoWB commodity has been added providing volume information using PieChart Gadget and CRC32 information.

    * MultiViewer: now supports new Toolbar gadget class with many updates and fixes implemented.

    * MultiEdit: now supports new Toolbar gadget class with many updates and fixes implemented.

    * Notifications (Ringhio): now supports modern slide in notification animations with a new library of alert sounds added. Many bug fixes implemented.

    * Format: now displays volume capacity information using PieChart Gadget. Supports ListViewer, InfoData and ProgressBar gadget.

    * Updater and AmiSphereServer: overhaul/rewrite of many functions with many bug fixes

    * Warp2D Library added

    * AK-Datatypes added: GIF, IFF-ILBM, PNG, TIFF

    * Sound Datatypes upgraded

    * Brand new Datatypes library

    Many components have had bug fixes implemented including:

    * TuneNet
    * AmiPDF
    * Clock
    * X-Dock
    * Almost all of the Gadgets/Classes

    Please click Read More for the full list of changes

    Special Thanks

    The package has been the result of a small dedicated team who have committed great efforts to this body of work. A-EON would like to thank the developers, beta testers and translators for their significant contributions.

      32 comments | Read more (1 , 2)  

    News   Amiga Future monthly News March 2021
      News posted by AndreasM on 30-Mar-2021 9:51:03 (263 reads)
    Amiga Future issue 149 released

    The English and German issue 149 (March/April 2021) of the print magazine Amiga Future has been distributed today, and can also be ordered directly from the editorial office of Amiga Future, and the other Amiga dealers that stock the magazine.

    Mag Content:

    Interview Stefan Vogt
    Review Akiko32
    Review Tristam Island

    and so much more ... if you haven't already, get your collectable copy ordered today

    A more detailed description of the contents and previews of this issue can be found at the Amiga Future magazine hompepage.


      Read more  

    hardware OS4   Sam460cr sold out "in seconds", second batch on its way
      hardware OS4 posted by Petah on 25-Mar-2021 1:22:09 (2182 reads)
    On Wednesday, March 24th Italian Amiga manufacturer announced that the first reproduction run of the Sam460cr - a PowerPC-based Amiga motherboard - was sold out "in minutes". The company underlined that Amiga users longing for new hardware won't be left out in the cold, since a second batch is already planned for. Future customers are asked to express their interest in an e-mail, signing up a pre-order.

      31 comments | Read more (1 , 2)  

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