Rules of operation AmigaworldNET

The servers that make up the AmigaworldNET are the private property of their respective owners and as such access to the network is granted as a privaledge, not a right. To use the network a set of rules governing what the operational team will and will not do to maintain network stability and its fitness for purpose and a set of rules and guidelines that applies to those that use the network are documented herein.

Section 1 - Violations of Terms and Conditions of service by users - Prohibitions.

  1. IRC channels must not be used for the purposes of spreading illicit adult material.
  2. Adult only or "pornographic" content ( including discussion ) and so called sex channels is not permitted.
  3. Paedophilia and grooming is not permitted.
  4. Using IRC for the purposes of racketeering, piracy or organising terrorist/subversive groups is not permitted.
  5. Using IRC for the purpose of organising hostile network acts (channel takeovers, cracking servers, DDOS attacks) is not permitted.
  6. Excessive advertising and spamming of promotional material will not be tolerated.

Section 2 - Violations of Terms and Conditions of service by users - Penalties

If you are considered in violation of your terms of service you will be contacted by an IRCOP who will take the following alternate courses of action, depending on the severity of the offense:

  1. Verbal warning of what the infraction was. This will be logged. IRCOP must provide you with the reason for the warning and evidence
  2. Instant removal from your channel(s) including ones you own. You will be summoned over IRC to a discussion with 2 or more IRC operators in a special channel to discuss the situation.
  3. KLINE - your connection will be terminated with a reason as to why. You may try again to reconnect.
  4. GLINE/AKILL - your connection will be banned with a reason as to why and a time limit. You may try again to reconnect after the time limit has been exceeded.
  5. GLINE/AKILL PERMENANT - your connection will be banned forever.
  6. Limitation of services, you will be unable to open your own channels, use certain modes.

Section 3 - Appeals against IRCOPerator decisions

Appeals should be made in writing to describing the circumstances, any logs provided and reasoning as to why you think you have been mistreated.

Section 4 - Terms and Conditions of service covering Chanel Ownership

  1. Channel owners are responsible for managing the users within their own channels using the channel operator commands available to them ( kick, ban, op, voice, halfop, moderate, invite only, private ).
  2. Channel owners are responsible for keeping their channels within section 1.
  3. Channel owners are responsible for keeping up to date on this document.
  4. Channel owners can, in unusual circumstances, request operator intervention to handle a disturbance.
  5. Misrepresenting your status as a channel owner ( e.g. pretending you own a channel when you do not to gain access ) to an IRCOP is considered a minor infraction and will be recorded as such, but expect IRCOPerators to check their own records in ChanServ first before agreeing to do anything for you. If you do not register your channel with ChanServ do not expect IRCOPs to accept your word that you own or are a legitimate op on a channel.
  6. If your channel has been reported as being in violation of the terms and conditions of service it may be logged for evidence, reducing your privacy, this is for your own protection to ensure that baseless allegations are not upheld. Any logging will not be shared with third parties and is in strictest confidence. Logs will be destroyed as soon as it is no longer pertinent ( e.g. complaint upheld or complaint rejected ). You will be notified of the outcome in either case. Whilst you will not be told when logging commences, you will be notified regardless of outcome when it is terminated. It wastes bandwidth logging as well as IRCOPerator time checking out logs so users that maliciously and continually make baseless allegations should expect to be dealt with severly.
  7. You can set your own channel rules and police them, this is fine so long as they do not contradict our Terms and Conditions of service. IRCOPs are subject to your channel rules when they are present, IRCOPs that violate this should be reported.


AmigaworldNET, it's facilities owners or administrators are not legally liable for any violation of any local or international laws, copyrights or intellectual property rights infringed by its users. We cannot be held accountable under the law for failing to deal with infractors in what is considered a timely manner by the end users of the service. Our services are provided without any warranty whatsoever. We cannot be held liable for any loss or emotional distress caused directly or indirectly by the use of our services. If you do not agree with our rules, or our disclaimer, then disconnect immediately. Services are provided on an as-is basis. reserves the right to change these Terms And Conditions of service anytime and without notice.