Rules governing IRCOPerators

The rules are reasonably flexible from the IRCOP perspective, and IRCOPs are encouraged to use reasonable judgement in exercising what powers they have to maintain the network for the good of the network. IRCOPs are not a replacement for a judiciary or police force but do represent the owners of the network and as such are primary points of contact for terms of use as set down by the network owners.

  1. Appointment of new IRCOPerators and Network Administrators must be voted on unanimously in #Services by all other IRC operators.
  2. Inclusion of new network daemons must be voted on unanimously by all network administrators in #Services and by majority of IRC operators.
  3. IRCOPerators must only use KLINE and GLINE/AKILL for a network related infraction or an abuse of Terms and Conditions of service which cannot be handled any other way.
  4. IRCOPerators must never abuse channel modes where they do not have channel operator privaledges assigned to them by the channel owner unless owner is in violation of the Terms and Conditions of service.
  5. IRCOperators must not force upon users mandatory nickname changes, enforced channel joins or join private channels without a valid network reason to do so.
  6. IRCOperators can only act unilaterally if they log all their actions on #services and there is a valid network reason to have done so. IRCOperators are encouraged to discuss with other IRCOperators before proceeding unless time is of an issue.
  7. IRCOperators can only log other channels or otherwise diminish the privacy of network users if there is a formal allegation to investigate. The log must be open to inspection by the other IRCOperators and must be deleted as soon as the information is determined useless (by majority vote).
  8. IRCOperators must join #Services for the duration of their connection, communication is the key to a smoothly operating system.
  9. IRCOperators abusing powers. For first abuse a warning will be issued by another IRCOperator, for subsequent abuse the situation will be discussed and voted on in #Services in the presence of the alleged abuser. A simple majority vote is required to suspend an IRCOPerators privaledges. The rule Innocent until proven guilty is operational throughout proceedings.
  10. For handling user infractions of Terms and Conditions of service, see the guidelines in Section 2 of the users' rules, remember to be fair and not let personal prejudice influence your decisions.


AmigaworldNET, it's facilities owners or administrators are not legally liable for any violation of any local or international laws, copyrights or intellectual property rights infringed by its users. We cannot be held accountable under the law for failing to deal with infractors in what is considered a timely manner by the end users of the service. Our services are provided without any warranty whatsoever. We cannot be held liable for any loss or emotional distress caused directly or indirectly by the use of our services. If you do not agree with our rules, or our disclaimer, then disconnect immediately. Services are provided on an as-is basis. reserves the right to change these Terms And Conditions of service anytime and without notice.