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Date 1-Dec-2003 13:10:07
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To celebrate the launch of our FreeCiv tournament series the owners of the FreeCiv server are offering a unique chance to win a New AmigaONE XE motherboard with 512Mb RAM!


The prize will go to one lucky victor of the FreeCiv challenge league matches starting in January 2004 and concluding in March 2004! There are a limited number of places so register with your identity on the AW FreeCiv Support Site !

To help you prepare for victory, AW will be running a series of 12 training matches throughout December 2003 at the weekend for different timezones across the globe to participate and learn the game. More details can be found on the AW FreeCiv Support Site or join us on IRC on server channel #awfreeciv.

If you already have an A1XE and you don't need another, we offer an A1XE upgrades package to the same monetary value!

Full terms an conditions that apply to the game will be posted on December 31st on

Update Last night (25th) we successfully tried out a brand of the settings we call "speedciv" which takes about 2 hours to play and is far more frenetic than the standard freeciv We expect games to take 2-3 hours maximum now!

DaveP and IanS - AW FreeCiv Admins.

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