Mirage Interactive - Retro Attack -

Date 28-Nov-2003 15:46:49
Topic: Software News

Mirage Interactive is an Polish Game Publisher,
Some time ago Mirage Interactive decided to put all their old games up on their website for free.

You will find all their Amiga releases on the page, and also all of their other formats aswell.
If You have problems to recall which games they made on amiga , here is a short list
everyone freely downloadable.

here is the link

American Poker (Over 18 people only :)


Dan Wilder

Doman Check this out - a Franko successor!

Franko THE cult game!

Gate 2 Freedom

Magiczna Księga

Mistrz Polski

Mortal Weapon

Pechowy Prezent

Pinball Hazard

Pole Walki Great multiplayer game


Project Battlefield

Project Intercalaris


Speedway Manager 2

Street Hassle (Violent! ;)

Super Taekwondo Master

Taekwondo Master

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