rpm4.0 ported: 68020 Amiga ixemul stand-alone

Date 4-Dec-2003 23:48:21
Topic: Software News

I have ported an ixemul 68020 unoptimised version of rpm4.0, this is a full port *EXCEPT* no database support.

I needed to port this fast, so I tried 4.0.4 also full of problems, gave up and tried 4.0 and eventually fixed all problems.
Probably I can now do a disconnected version of rpm4.2, but have run out of time till 2004,

I got over the lack of threads + mutexes by disconnecting database support.

If someone implements libpthread.a for 68k Amiga then I probably can port rpm4.2 without too much problem, (still have to disconnect the ELF stuff)

Anyway this port has successfully extracted tar.gz archives from all xyz.rpm files that I have tried so far,

:for me personally this is the only facility I require, so I've got everything I want from this port namely "rpm --install xyz.rpm" to extract the archives.


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