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Date 10-Dec-2003 17:50:19
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- Special price for X-Surf 2
- Kickflash OS4 in production
- Deathbed Vigil DVD now available in PAL
- Fresh 5,25 inch disks with 48TPI

Special price for the X-Surf 2
The advent season has already begun at our trade partners, now we want to announce it officially again: Participating resellers have the X-Surf 2 networking card for 69,90 EUR. This price is also valid for direct orders. You're saving 20,- EUR compared to the recommended retail price, but only until december 31st!

Kickflash in production
Kickflash OS4 which has been announced in June is now in production. It's going to be available starting december 22nd - if the parcel services work fast enough, this might be in time for Christmas Eve! Kickflash reduces the boot-time of classic Amigas dramatically, because it gets rid of all the reboots that today's Amigas have to do. Romupdates ("setpatch"), every resident-capable program, Blitzkick-modules and tools like Prepareemul (Macmem) can be stored in the 1M flash memory. They're executed without reboots on a cold start of the Amiga. Price: 34,90 EUR.

Deathbed Vigil DVD now in PAL
By the end of next week, we expect a shipment from Dave Haynie. The DVD of his film "Deathbed Vigil" is now available in PAL video norm, and is shipped on a DVD-R. This format can be played back on nearly all players in Europe, and should be a lot more compatible than the NTSC-DVD+R that were only available for a long time. The price per DVD is 39,- EUR, and Dave has promised to sign each cover again.

Fresh 5.25 inch disks with 48TPI
We have produced disks in the USA for the European retro-computing fans. For a lot of years, disks of the 5,25 inch size were available in nearly every store, but since more than one year, all inventories are sold out. Trying to use 96TPI or 135TPI disks is not always successful, because the heads of Commodore and Apple drives are only made for 48TPI. Other disks have errors, or seem to lose data for no appearent reason.
We have found a company in California that has started the production machines for us. To get the disks to Germany at a reasonable price, we found a complicated but cheap way to transport them: First by train nearly 3000 miles to New York, then by ship to Antwerp, and the last part to Aachen by truck. Starting december 17th, we can offer 25 disks DS SD (48TPI) without envelopes, with stickers at a price of 9,90 EUR!

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