OS4 Tour in Zaragoza on December the 13rd

Date 10-Dec-2003 19:56:13
Topic: Events

An AmigaOne-OS4 (and Pegasos-MorphOS too) Show is going to take place in Zaragoza, Spain this Saturday 13 of December. Join us and try yourself the latest machines and OSes!

If you are interested in coming check out:
Web in spanish
Web in english

The Show is organized by the Amiga Group Asturies and Amiga User Club from Zaragoza, aka CUAZ
If you are coming from other city/country you can send us a mail so we can help you to find the place (or receive you) and tell you different hotels,etc...

NOTE: We'll make a dinner around 22:30, if you are interested in coming you will have fun, we are now around 20 people coming to the dinner (you know that the Show is just an excuse to go to a restaurant and eat and drink without limits -only joking- )

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