WinUAE (0.8.23) Released

Date 11-Dec-2003 20:10:08
Topic: Software News

The latest release of WinUAE (0.8.23), the Amiga Emulator for PCs has been made available today.

New in this release are:
Bugs fixed:

  • mousebutton getting stuck randomly when WinUAE lost focus
  • floppy drives' state was not restored fully
  • fixed crash when switching from 68000 to JIT-mode
  • bsdsocket browser freezes/slowdowns
  • SPTI CDROM media change detection
  • parallel port joystick adapter works properly again
  • saving state in ce-mode with blitter active created broken state files
  • serial port/MIDI randomly lost received characters

New features:

  • maprom emulation (BlizKick support)
  • first CDROM is always uaescsi.device unit zero, second is zero etc.. and then other non-CDROM SCSI devices.
  • improved priority settings
  • improved filter options
  • compatibility improvements
  • bsdsocket emulation improved (Jabberwocky)
  • faster Picasso96 solid window moves
  • improved AHI emulation
  • IRQ level 7 shortcut in input-tab
  • percentage of CPU in use -meter added next to FPS-counter
  • immediate state save (no need to exit the GUI anymore)
  • dropped release numbers

You can find the latest details on the WinUAE website, and you can download the Installer or Zip versions following those links.

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