MPEG-2 Decoder for Mediator

Date 15-Dec-2003 21:32:52
Topic: Hardware News

From Elbox:
Hello Mediator users,

We are now busy at completing work on support for a PCI hardware
MPEG-2 decoder card. Apart from vision decoding, compressed sound is
also decoded by the hardware of this card!

New versions of many drivers will become available in the coming days.
The update will include new versions of Voodoo, FastEthernet, TV tuner
and Spider card drivers.

The MPEG-2 decoder card requires simultaneous presence of a TV tuner
card with the SVHS input connector. The decoded video stream is sent
from the MPEG-2 decoder's card through the SVHS connector to the
TV tuner card input and it is viewed in the same way as television
(see here:

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