Amiga Calls for User Groups

Date 17-Dec-2003 17:34:51
Topic: Announcement


Community has always been the backbone of the Amiga platform; indeed, without it, the platform would have folded long ago. With AmigaOS4.0 approaching release, the community has taken a lead once again, with dedicated individuals and user groups throughout the world working to show AmigaOS4.0 running on AmigaOnes.

Amiga, Inc. is now at a stage where we are looking to bring the user groups together into a more formal forum, providing feedback to Amiga, Inc. on how best it can support the user groups whilst also allowing the user groups to be able to bind themselves together in a mutual organisation for self help and support.

This new organisation will be a crucial element in the growth of the Amiga platform as AmigaOS4.0 is released and the community begins to expand. We are thus making a call to all user groups to submit their details in the form below so that we can begin the construction of this organisation and get the resources in place to service it.

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