The Crypt issue 33 is out ready for Cryptmas

Date 21-Dec-2003 1:14:02
Topic: Announcement

Issue 33 - Cryptmas Uncovered is now here!

So what delights do we have for you this time?

All the true stories about Christmas. Why do we have crackers? A tree? Give cards? Who was Santa?

Tired of your desktop wallpaper and Icons on your PC? We show you how to change them.

The new PC game "Call of Duty" is it as good as MOHAA?

Bored with the usual Amiga news sites, we have a funny one for you in our Featured Websites section.

Don't throw away those CD`s and DVD`s that don't work properly, we have the perfect answer for you in our Gadgets section.

Do you run 2 computers on one monitor? There is a low cost answer to all that swapping of keyboards and mice.

We really do give you a feast of recipes this time! Not only are there many tasty ways to cook a turkey, but try some of our alternative main courses and delicious puddings!

There really is something for everyone in our latest issue - Cryptmas Uncovered

The Crypt

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