Melbourne Australia Roadshow a huge success

Date 21-Dec-2003 1:15:47
Topic: Events

15th November the final part of the Australian OS4 Roadshows concluded in Melbourne. This was the largest roadshow to date with around 70 people attending. This is a good turn out given that we had less than 1 weeks notice to promote the event. Read more for a small report.

We were treated to 3 hours of well presented and captivating information.

Everything was demoed on the AmigaOnes.

We were pleasantly surprised to be given a preview of the ITX motherboard a pocket sized Amiga motherboard with no moving parts (no hard disk or fan). This is an ideal turn-key solution for many industries!

Presenters from all over Australia flew/drove in to make our presentation one of the best ever.

Doug of Anything Amiga also flew in with a huge pile of stuff. He flew out with most of that pile sold.

Noteworthy attendees at the Roadshow were Bernie Myers of Amithlon fame and George Skarbek President of the Melb-PC users Group. At around 12,000 members MelbPC is one of the largest user groups in the world... and it's nice to learn that their President is a closet Amiga fan. People were so keen that a number drove from Albury/Wodonga and Adelaide to see the demo (800kms+).

To date OS4 has 2 major incomplete modules that are slowing it down. Graphics is running at 1/10th the speed it should. Hard drives are running at 1/10th the transfer rate they should (PIO mode v's DMA). These issues are probably fixed or well on the way to being fixed by the time this is typed.

Nobody got the impression that the AmigaOne was slow... but it was easy to imagine how much faster it would be if the DMA support and graphics support was present! Boot times (now over 45 seconds) should be comparable to that of Morph OS on the Pegasos board (which is a couple of seconds on a G3).

From the demo I get the impression that OS4 is very close to going Beta.

Thanks to all the presenters who gave up their own time and money to come down and show us what the AmigaOne & OS4 are capable of.

We're all looking forward to the release of OS4!

PS. Given the great reception all the Australian shows received... it is still possible we will do a NZ show to finalise the Australian round of roadshows.

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