FunTime World / Amiga Arena announce ETeacher 6.2

Date 21-Dec-2003 9:43:58
Topic: Software News

Fun Time World is proud to announce that we are responsible for the distribution of ETeacher 6.20, a multimedia trainer for learning different languages. With version 6.20 ETeacher is outstanding on the Amiga, since you have the chance to learn with the help of pictures and short animations. The new version comes along with 16-bit high quality samples; as well in englisch and german language.

With the help of the multimedia training on the one and special tests on the other side, the training with ETeacher will cause a lot of fun. ETeacher can be used by adults and children, because it it is not only flexible but as well very easy to use. Graphic- and soundcards are supported as a matter of fact by ETeacher.


- more than 200 training sheets
- 3 hours of 16-bit sound samples
- 1000 illustrations
- kontext-sensitiv grammer help
- full configurable
- support for modern hardware such as graphic- and soundcards

More information and screenshots can be found on the internet

Special offer until the 5.1.04:

- Englisch - 29,90 Euro (afterwards: 35,- Euro)
- Deutsch - 29,90 Euro (afterwards: 35,- Euro)
- both versions - 50,- Euro (afterwards: 59,90 Euro)

ETeacher can be ordered by E-Mail (,
Fax (0209 - 95 717 865),phone (0209 - 95 717 884)
or online in the online-shop of Fun Time World.

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