New York AmigaOne & Micro A1 demo report

Date 28-Dec-2003 9:03:11
Topic: Events

At the 3rd annual LICA Christmas pizza party on Dec 19th, board members Kurt Grach and Russ 'Mr. Hardware Computers' Norrby presented not only the fully functional AmigaOne but the first showing of the MicroA1 (aka AmigaOne Lite) motherboard which Santa had delivered to Russ just the day before the meeting.

The numerous attendees included not only our tireless regulars, but 'retired' members of the club and even several 'first-timers' (including visitors from MA.!), all of whom were coaxed out into the cold to see the first new Amiga in over a decade. Just over 6 inches long, the Micro A1 Beta motherboard was a very clean in design. Next month Russ plans to show it running OS4 in a new custom case that they are designing.

With a 19" LCD monitor sitting between his fully-loaded, custom Towered A1200 and the AmigaOne to which it was networked, Kurt loaded the ROM image from the A1200 to the A1 and - like the magic of the Rockefeller Center tree lighting - OS4.0 came up on the screen, running on the A1. Numerous features of the new OS were highlighted, and then even more magically, several 'legacy' software titles (previously installed on the A1 HD) including AmigaWriter, FinalWriter97, FX Scan, Art Dept Pro, Ibrowse and Simple Mail were flawlessly loaded and run. It was a great showing, both by Russ & Kurt for getting the presentation together, and by the current and 'old' loyalists who turned out to see it. Thanks to all! (Bill Brown, President, LICA) Micro A1 close-up photos & infolocated here.

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